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Download     You win by taking 2 enemy capitals.

The economic values and military forces are from the Correlates of War database ( All land areas were given a base value of 1.

I used the map from Napoleonic Empires. The unit capabilities are from The Great War scenario. All units have a maintenance cost of 1 per turn. Combat is limited to 1 round.

Britain's income has been reduced by 33% to reflect its colonial commitments, failure to mobilize for total war and the difficulty of operating across the water (especially amphibious landings).

The scenario is designed for proper AI play. Human players should not buy more than 1 of non-infantry unit per turn. Human players should not conduct amphibious landings in occupied enemy territories.

Designed by Roger Cooper.     

Nations: Germans French Russians Austrians Ottomans British Italians

Units: zeppelin cruiser infantry destroyer aaGun battlecruiser transport factory submarine fighter battleship artillery cavalry