Axis and Allies Europe 1939 Scenario (v5)

- by CCRN -


I have devised a cool way to begin the war in 1939. It would begin with Germany invading Poland and France, then continuing on to feud with the United Kingdom. At any point, Germany can choose to invade Russia, or they can choose to simply ignore Russia for the entire game. It is possible for Germany and Italy to conquer UK without ever being at war with USA or USSR, although it will be difficult. I have devised the complete set of rules, but I haven't thoroughly examined the initial setup (mine works well as far as I can tell). The axis player must capture TWO allied capitals (Moscow, France, United Kindom) to win the game, and they must hold them for TWO rounds. The order of play is standard with France and United Kingdom acting in unison (but with different colors and money).


Germany controls Germany, Austria, and Czechoslovokia. They also have fleets in the Atlantic and nearby seas. They play two full rounds (including purchasing, moving and attacking, and placing units) before Russia "moves." They receive a 5 IPC bonus instantly (plunder) when each of the following areas are conquered: Norway, Denmark, Poland, Netherlands, Yugoslavia, Greece, and Crete. These IPC's can be used on their next turn (even phase two's purchases). They may also receive 5 IPC's each if they capture East Poland or Baltic States on either phase of round one. They also receive 5 free IPC's from their minor allies when they attack Russia. When they conquer France, they receive France's IPC's. Germany (axis) starts with an initial IPC value of 10, and initial funds of 20 IPC's.


France controls France, Eastern France, Vichy France, Morrocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. They control a fleet in the Bay of Biscay and the Meditaranean Sea (both of which are removed from play if France falls). All surviving French units in LAND areas WITHOUT British pieces are removed from play once France falls (assuming France falls before Britain). Any French pieces that share a land area with British pieces are converted into British pieces (Dunkirk) (I represent French pieces with American pieces). All French pieces in Africa (2 Inf, 1 Art) are converted into Axis pieces and may move and attack on the Axis power's next turn. All French territories are incorporated into the Axis with the IPC total raising accordingly (+9) once France falls. France also controls the two southern British Convoys, which are then "given" to Britain if France falls. France has an initial IPC value of 15, and initial funds of 15. They have an IC and AA in France. SBR on France when it is in German hands can inflict as MAXIMUM of 3 IPC's of damage per round, regardless of the number of bombers that attack, or the numbers rolled. The Axis may use the French IC to produce up to 3 units per round.


Italy controls Northern Italy, Southern Italy, and Libya. They also control fleets in the Meditaranean Sea. Italian pieces are activated the round AFTER France falls, but Italy is incorporated fully into the Axis then, with IPC level increasing appropriately (+7). The Axis player will receive income for Italy along with plunder from France to spend the next round (I actually represented Italian pieces with Russian pieces until France falls, since they do not touch, and Italian pieces cannot be attacked by Britain until France falls - just a kind of placekeeper). Italy would be neutral until France falls, so no active combatants could move through land or sea territories that they occupy. Germany is free to attack Italy at any point and will recieve 10 IPC's as plunder if they capture N. Italy (Italy would drop out of the war and all land and naval units that they possess would be removed from the board). The allies cannot attack Italy until it is an active participant, nor can they move through Italian held land or sea areas. Allied SBR on the Italian IC can cause a MAXIMUM of 4 IPC's of damage per round, regardless of the number of bombers or the numbers rolled. The Axis player may use the Italian IC to produce up to 4 units per round (once Italy becomes Axis).


The British player controls all units in standard British territories, as well as units in Poland, Norway, Greece, Crete, Yugoslavia, and the normal Middle Eastern units. Britian starts out with an initial IPC value of 19, and initial funds of 19 IPC's. UK will claim the two southern convoys if France falls. Every round, UK will receive one free infantry to be placed in any of the Middle East areas except for Iran (players choice). Also, every round the UK player will receive one free Destroyer and one free transport (at the END of the round with builds), which are placed SEPERATELY by randomly rolling a die. Once USA enters the war, UK will no longer receive this the two free ships, but will continue to get the free infantry in the middle east. If a 1-4 was rolled, place the vessel on the appropriate British Convoy, 5 in the Eastern Meditaranean sea zone (If the Axis controls Egypt, reroll), and with a 6 the player may choose where they place the vessel. Note that you make a seperate roll for both of the free ships every round (the two vessels may be placed together if you roll the same number for each). If Britain is conquered by the Axis player, they can use the IC to produce a MAXIMUM of 6 units per round. Allied SBR on Axis Britain can do a MAXIMUM of 6 IPC's worth of damage regardless of the number of bombers or the die rolls.

If Britain has been captured and France remains active, then the British convoys, Canada, and all other British possessions come under French control. France will receive the one free infantry in the Middle East (but NOT the two free ships), as well as income from Canada and all British possessions. Also, all surviving British ships and troops (including minor allies) on the board remain "Free British" and may move and attack on France's turn as French units. Naturally, if Germany captures Britain, then they would receive Britain's money. Vichy French rules no longer apply if Britain is captured before France. USA is immediately activated if Britain is captured.


The minor allies under British control are Denmark, Norway, Poland, Yugoslavia, Greece, and Crete. The British combat units that begin in Yugoslavia or Norway CANNOT move until they are attacked (and survive), at that point they are considered fully under the control of Britain and may move and attack. Until that point they are considered neutral. Netherlands is a minor ally under France's control. If France falls and Dutch pieces still remain, they fall under Britain's control and may move and attack. All minor allies can be attacked by Germany at any point, including either first round phase. If Germany captures an minor ally, then they will receive 5 IPC's as a "plunder" bonus. Britain may move and attack with pieces in Greece, Poland, and Crete at any time.


These minor axis powers are activated on the turn the Axis attacks Russia, and may move IMMEDIATELY that round. The Axis will receive a one time bonus of 5 IPC's when the minors join against Russia (these IPC's are given at the end of the round, and may be used the next round for purchases). They are then fully incorporated into the Axis, and the IPC level is increased appropriately (+5). The round that the Axis chooses to attack RUSSIAN units or territories, a AXIS UNIT MUST ENGAGE UNITS THERE (Italian or German). They cannot declare war and use only minor allies to invade (note that Russian ships or convoy zone attacked by German or Italian ships would be considered an act of war, also). Attacking East Poland on ROUND ONE will NOT activate the minor allies, although it will draw Russia into the war, and the next round the minors will be available and will be incorportated into the axis. Attacking Baltic States on round one WILL cause the minors to activate that round.

Germany may attack the minors at any time, but Russia will IMMEDIATELY declare war on the Axis and move and attack on their turn, and the remaining minors will be incorporated into Russia, giving RUSSIA the free 5 IPC's. Russia would gain their IPC values and combat units. German units cannot move through a minor axis nation without declaring war on the minor nation, UNLESS they also attack Russia (in which case the minors join the axis and movement becomes unrestricted).


USA is activated once the Axis player reaches an IPC value (not cash on hand) of 40. I did this because Japan waited to attack USA until Germany had conquered Europe. Once USA enters the war, UK will no longer receive the two free ships each round. Initial value of 40 IPC's, initial funds of 40 IPC's. United States CANNOT be invaded by the Axis player!!! USA will also be IMMEDIATELY entered into the war if United Kindom falls, and may move and attack on their turn. If the axis player attacks the US convoy zone, USA will IMMEDIATELY enter the war. If both Britain AND France fall, USA will claim all British and French Units (including minor allies), Possessions, and Convoys Zones, as well as the free Infantry in the Middle East.


The standard rules apply to the middle east concerning IPC's, however IPC's can be claimed from an inactive ally (USA, Russia) if the allied player(s) so chooses (note however that the ally losing the money will not receive more money until they are at war, and may be left with zero). The Russian Infantry in Iran can be attacked freely by the Axis player without declaring war on Russia. Every round UK (or France/USA if UK is defeated) will receive one free Infantry to place in any area of the middle east (assuming one is free from Axis rule) except for Iran.


The Russian player begins with far less infantry than the standard game (-16, once the pieces are place in the purple area on Russia's turn assuming that Germany didn't attack them), but will receive 4 free infantry every round (including the first round...this in in addition to the units that go in the purple areas) at its turn UNTIL it enters the war against the axis. These free infantry can be placed in any Russian area (purple areas included), UP TO the NORMAL number of Infantry in the standard AAE setup. After 4 turns, Russia will be at maximum capacity (normal AAE setup) and will not receive more infantry (Russia will no longer receive free infantry if it enters the war early, but may purchase as normal). The other (non-infantry) Russian units in RED AREAS are standard as per the normal AAE rules upon initial setup. Initial Value of 22 (24 when Russia claims its gains on their first round), initial funds of 24 IPCs (no new money until activated).

Any Russian IC's under Axis control can be used to produce a number of axis units UP TO the IPC value of the territory. Allied SBR on Axis occupied IC's can do MAXIMUM damage of the value of the territory in IPC's regardless of the number of bombers or the die rolls.


Germany has the choice of capturing East Poland and the Baltic States on Round One (either phase), but that draws Russia into the Game IMMEDIATELY (Germany would be breaking a treaty), although they will still be low on Infantry. Capturing Baltic States and East Poland on round one (either phase) will give Germany a free 5 IPC's each (all of Poland would be worth 10 IPC's).

If Germany DOES NOT attack Russia on Round one, then the Finnish Infantry in Vyborg is moved to Finland, and a new russian infantry is placed in Vyborg.

If Germany DOES NOT invade Baltic States, East Poland, or Bessarabia on Round one, then on Russia's first turn, all British units are removed there, Finland's infantry in Vyborg is moved to Finland, Russia places one infantry in Vyborg, two infantry in East Poland, and an infantry and Armor in Bessarabia. Russia also gains the IPC values of East Poland and Baltic States (2 - even though Russian infantry was in Baltic States, the IPC level didn't reflect that). (if Germany invades some but not all of these areas, then place units and adjust IPC levels appropriately).

Initial Setup


  • Germany: 3 Inf, 2 Arm, 2 Art, 3 Ftr, 2 Bmb
  • Austria: 1 Inf, 1 Art
  • Czechoslovakia: 3 Inf, 2 Art, 2 Arm, 1 Ftr
  • Denmark Strait: 1 Sub
  • North Atlantic: 2 Sub
  • Barents Sea: 1 Sub
  • Dannish Sea: 3 Sub (removed Transport so that invading Britain is more difficult)
  • Baltic Sea: 1 Trn, 1 BS ( afraid)
  • South Atlantic: 1 Sub, 1 Des (Graf Spee) (added both to simulate commerce raids)
  • N. Italy: 2 Inf, 1 Art, 1 Arm
  • S. Italy: 2 Inf, 1 Ftr (added Fighter to act as a threat in Africa and Med)
  • Libya: 2 Inf
  • C. Meditaranean: 1 Sub, 1 Des, 1 Trn (removed battleship, added sub)
  • Tyrrenian Sea: 1 Trn, 1 Des, 1 BS (originally just a transport)
  • Adriatic Sea: 1 Trn (added)
  • Finland: 2 Inf (one infantry was moved to Vyborg for the first round)
  • Vyborg: 1 Inf (this Inf is moved to Finland and replaced with Russian Inf IF Germany doesn't attack Russia)
  • Hungary: 3 Inf, 1 Art, 1 Arm
  • Romania: 3 Inf, 1 Arm
  • Bulgaria: 2 Inf


  • United Kingdom: 2 Inf, 1 Arm, 1 Art, 2 Ftr, 1 Bmb
  • Canada: 1 Arm (I considered adding more units here)
  • Malta: 1 Inf
  • Egypt: 1 Inf, 1 Art, 1 Arm, 1 Ftr
  • Palastine: 1 Inf
  • Syria: 1 Inf
  • Iraq: 1 Inf
  • Poland: 4 Inf, 1 Art
  • Yugoslavia: 4 Inf
  • Greece: 2 Inf, 1 Ftr
  • Crete: 1 Inf
  • Norway: 1 Inf (removed one infantry)
  • Eastern Meditaranean: 1 Sub, 1 Trn, 1 Des (added destroyer)
  • Gibralter: 1 BS
  • Central Atlantic: 2 Des (Replaced carrier with another Destroyer)
  • Celtic Sea: 1 BS, 2 Trn
  • English Channel: 1 Des, 1 Trn, 1 BS (replaced sub with Battleship)
  • Atlantic: 1 Des
  • Davis Strait: 1 Des, 1 Trn
  • North Sea: 1 BS, 1 Des, 1 Trn, 1 Sub (added sub)


  • France: 3 Inf, 2 Arm, 1 Ftr, 1 IC, 1 AA
  • Eastern France: 5 Inf, 2 Art (Remove when France falls unless British units share area)
  • Vichy France: 2 Inf (Remove when France falls unless British units share area)
  • Morocco: 1 Inf (becomes Axis after France falls, if it remains in Africa)
  • Netherlands: 3 Inf (not removed from play when France is defeated)
  • Western Med: 1 BS, 1 Des, 1 Trn (removed when France falls) (originally in Tyrrenian Sea)
  • Bay of Biscay: 1 Sub, 1 Trn, 1 Des (removed when France falls)
  • Tunisia: 1 Inf, 1 Art (becomes Axis after France falls, if they remain in Africa) (added both)


  • Standard setup with less infantry (-16). Place TWO infantry in every RED Russian territory except Siberia which has ONE Infantry. Purple areas do not begin in Russia hands, setup is as follows:
  • Vyborg: 1 Inf (Finnish, replaced with Russian unit after round one).
  • East Poland: 2 Inf (British, Replaced with Russian units after round 1).
  • Baltic States: 2 Inf (Russian)
  • Bessarabia: -
  • If Germany DOES NOT attack RUSSIAN units on round 1, then Russia will capture these areas. Remove the British Infantry from East Poland, and place 1 Infantry on Vyborg, 1 Infantry and 1 Armor on Bessarabia, and 2 Infantry on East Poland. Then naturally you would place your 4 free infantry in addition to those pieces on round one (and perhaps placing the pieces in those purple territories that aren't at "capacity").


  • Add one Battleship with the original two ships. Everything else remains as it is.

Final Notes

I have editted the winning conditions. The Axis player needs to hold TWO capitals for TWO rounds to win the game. I have also given Russia more starting infantry than I originally had, and gave UK and Italy larger navies. The UK navy gets decimated pretty quickly during Germany's two impulses, so I gave them another battleship (they now have all 4 on the board).

What I have attempted to do is give the Axis a ton of options. They may carry out the war effort in the historical way, or they may blitz straight through Poland into Russia. They may send their Transports to invade Great Britain before France. Every route has its benefits, but the Axis will never truly have a resource advantage unless the move impossibly fast and efficiently.

One major thing I missed about AAE is that the infamous Battleship Bismarck was sunk long before the game begins. Now you can terrorize the seas with the Bismarck or Graf Spee......and terrorizing the seas rules!!! I'm not sure exactly how this setup will work out (I have editted it a few times already), but I like the core rules I have developed, although the original IPC values of the game make it tough.

Also, I wish Germany was divided into East and West Germany for this scenario. Try it out, and tell me what you think, I'm open to criticism and I will gladly edit this version (again) if I am shown reason to (I already have a few times). It would also be nice if I had another color for France, although French pieces are basically removed from play once France falls, or British pieces basically become French if Britain is defeated first.

If you have a better inital placement in mind, please email it to me:

This scenario first appeared in Don Rae's Axis and Allies Europe Forum: "1939 Scenario". This is version 5.