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Conflict 2013

{| bgcolor="ABABAB" border="1" !This scenario is focused on singleplayer for Russia-CIS. Read below more about map. This map based on WorldWar2010 map but deeply modified - March 20, 2013 |}
The year is 2013.

NATO forces allied with Israel army overthrowed Syrian government.
At the same time the USA jointly with South Korean millitaries suppressed North Korea forces.
The West's begun local war conflicts followed first of all by self interests and secondly by democratic motives.
But Middle East, Russia and CIS (The Commonwealth of Independent States), Latin America (including Union de Naciones Suramericanas (UNASUR) - the Union of South American Nations), the most part of Asia (China, India, the Arab League included), the most part of the African Union (AU) decidedly condemned NATO's acts.
The AU, India, the Arab Leage and UNASUR are very close to be allied for coming challenges.
Every country and every bloc need to defend its own interests.
There are too many mutual border pretensions, too many political, economic and ideological antagonisms in the world geopolitics .
Of course not all of nations want to use their weapons, even different millitary blocs members.
Nevertheless the World War III is near...

Original map designed and created by Basile Lemaire.
Modified map "2013 Conflict" created by Alexey Shumkov.
Feedback, improvements, ideas, comments? Please e-mail Alex Shumkov:

About this map:

  • ATTENTION! This scenario is primarily focused on single player for Russia-CIS. So unit and production balances are close to real situation but with corrections in favor of gameplay. With this balance it is also interesting to play as UNASUR (hard to win), AU-India-League or China (medium level). But NATO forces are too strong (very easy level).
  • This map is based on the WW2V3 ruleset and units.
  • The alliance organizations in this map, are actual alliances but modified taking into account states real politics.
  • The production-value per territory is based on the actual GDP, the availability of natural resources and the size and growth of their populations. For example it's well know China or India can mobilize many people, Russia has many natural resources and in a case of War can produce many millitary machines, the USA are the most advanced country in production of defense technology, etc.
  • A small number of NATO start PUs explained by its countries economic crisis and several local war conflicts (including real existent and this game Korean-Syrian scenario).
  • The starting units are based on the actual military strength of each territory but not much modified in several cases.
  • All states blazonries and the most part of units icons correspond with real model source nation.
  • (Source: Wikipedia and the CIA World Factbook, 2013).
  • P.S. To improve gameplay and its dynamics there are many mutual war declaration triggers in the game.

Thanks Basile Lemaire, Zgalinaz!

Nations: AU-India-League NATO-Europe Russia-CIS UNASUR China NATO-America
Units: infantry APC artillery armour helicopter fighter bomber transport carrier submarine destroyer cruiser factory aaGun

2013 Conflict