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The land of 6 Kingdoms is ripe for the taking! Armies of elves, dwarves, orcs, trolls, and dragons await your commands! Will you try to conquer the land as a member of the Ironforge Pact using either the mysterious Dragonfire Coast Federation, the swashbuckling Pirates of Razor Pass, or the barbaric Uthgardian Empire? Or will you choose to fight on the side of the Falconfall Alliance as the noble Gandar Republic, the diverse League of Kahnbrek, or the expansionistic Burusian Empire? Whatever way you choose, the fight will be tough!

special thanks to Panguitch for the unit design.(I borrowed from his Greyhawk Map)

Units (attack, defend, movement, cost) Light Infantry 1,2,2,3 Medium Infantry 2,3,2,4 Heavy Infantry 3,4,2,5

Light Cavalry 1,1,4,3 (can blitz) Medium Cavalry 2,1,4,4 (can blitz) Heavy Cavalry 3,2,4,5 (can blitz)

giant 4,5,2,10 (takes two hits to kill) dragon 5,4,8,12 (an air unit, takes two hits to kill) bowman 2,2,1,10 (an anti-air unit, can fight, can bombard) Small ship 2,2,6,6 (can transport any one unit) ship 3,3,6,10 (can transport any two units,takes two hits to kill, can bombard)

Evil-only units: goblin 2,1,2,3 hobgoblin 2,3,2,6 (takes two hits to kill) orc 3,2,2,7 (takes two hits to kill) troll 4,3,2,9 (takes two hits to kill)

Good-only units: halfling 1,3,2,3 dwarf 2,3,2,6 (takes two hits to kill) elf 3,2,2,7 (takes two hits to kill) treant 3,4,2,8 (takes two hits to kill)

Fortifications are the equivalent of factories and cost 12.