From Larry Harris

Oh... One more thing! While we`re at it how about all ships, no exception, can now move 5 (five) sea zones? This should get the US deeper into Europe in fewer rounds and reinforcements arriving much quicker as well. Faster ships coupled with this Strategic Movement system will most likely lead to fewer rounds of play and quicker victories.

How such a strategic movement mechanic works:

Strategic movement occurs at the very end of a player`s turn. It`s made right after Phase 5 Collect Income. All normal movement, combat and income has been resolved at this point.  Strategic movements cannot provoke further combat or income adjustments during the players turn.  Any units in a selected territory that is controlled or contested by the turn player, including the player`s capital, can be moved to another of his or her controlled or contested territories providing that an uninterrupted continuum of said territories can be demonstrated. Strategically moved units can include units that were just mobilized.  They could be units that have participated combat this same turn.  They could be units that are presently in contested territories. 

It should be noted that moving all the units out of contested territory and thus leaving the territory with only enemy forces in it would result in the enemy power gaining control of the territory. This would require an income adjustment which a strategic movement cannot provoke. To avoid this situation a player must leave at least one unit in a contested territory when strategically moving units out of a contested territory.