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Axis & Allies: 1914 Surrender Mod

Any major power at the end of its turn, rolls for surrender if its Capital or 3 non-Capital homeland areas are enemy-occupied or contested. A surrender can be triggered each turn:




Rally: Place 1 infantry unit in each homeland area. Only 1 rally result per game, if received again, resolve as peace treaty.


Fight On: No effect


Economic Collapse: Lose all money


Peace Treaty: Remove all units and money. Remove any control markers outside of their starting areas. Recover all home areas except for 1 non-capital area, chosen at random, that remains enemy-controlled. Any enemy units in recovered areas are moved to the ceded area. Lost colonies remain lost. The nation’s territories become impassable for the remainder of the game. Out of the game permanently.


Paralysis: Next turn, the player’s units can’t move or attack.


Political Collapse: Remove all units and money, all controlled areas become open neutrals. Out of the game permanently.

+1 for Austria, Ottoman, Russia

-1 for France, Germany, Britain

Other changes

1.       All land units can move 2 if they do not enter an enemy or neutral area, and did not start in a contested area. You move 2 to a contested area.

2.       Sea units have a +1 to movement if starting at a friendly naval base.

3.       If attacking in your own capital, you may fight any number of rounds.

4.       The British can only build 4 units in India per turn.

5.       Switzerland is defended by 8 infantry

6.       Home areas are areas contiguous to the capital

7.       A nation is defeated once is capital is captured (even if later liberated), it is forced to a peace treaty or suffers political collapse. Win by defeating 2 enemy nations.