Axis & Allies Wiki

The AA41 fast-play version of A&A has serious balance issues. Germany is much stronger than Russia, with Russia doomed to fall in 2-4 turns. That does not end the game, but the allies have little prospect of victory. The US does not have enough of income advantage (14 to 10 after Sichuan falls) to overcome the Japanese easily. At best the Allies will achieve a draw. I suggest the following changes.

1. Set income of Urals to 2 and Siberia to 1

2. The Russians start with 10 IPC's.

3. Add industrial complexes to Sichuan and Southern Europe.

4. Building in captured industrial complexes is prohibited

5. Capturing any capital gives immediate victory

6. Infantry defending in their own capital defend at 3

7. Add a US destroyer on the East Coast.

Reduced Luck The small, number of pieces makes reduced luck a good idea. In each round of combat, add up both side's combat strengths. For each 6 points, score 1 hit. For the remainder, roll 1 die and apply to both sides. If the roll is <= to the remainder, apply a hit.

Instead of submarine first fire, subs attack at 3 if no enemy destroyers are present.