Axis & Allies Wiki

Variant by John Griffey

The best way to recreate the politics of post-Barbarossa and post-Pearl Harbor WWII is to make the USSR an independent power whose victory conditions are not tied to the Allies. This makes it a much more dynamic three-player game.

1. USSR units cannot mix with non-USSR units. USSR and ABC (American, British, Chinese) powers are enemies, not allies.

2. USSR production is half its face value if there are no Axis units in at-start Soviet territories. It is double its face RP value at Stalingrad, Moscow, Leningrad, and Novisibirsk if any Axis units are currently inside at start USSR. This doubling may occur for at most six turns.

3. London, Eastern United States, Japan and Germany are worth two Victory Points each.

4. Add Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as the fifth USA Victory City.

5. Add Cape Town, South Africa and Cairo, Egypt as the sixth and seventh British Victory Cities.

6. Add Harbin, Manchuria as the third Japanese Victory City.

7. Add Hamburg, Northwestern Europe as a Victory City.

8. Add Istanbul, Turkey and Stockholm, Sweden as Victory Cities for the USSR. Turkey and Sweden both defend themselves with seven British infantry the instant they are attacked by either the Axis or the USSR. The ABC Powers may not attack them.

9. Control of 5 of 7 of China's at start territories is worth 1 VP.

10. To collect, there are now 29 VP locations, 10 Axis, 3 USSR, 2 Neutral, and 14 ABC Powers :

5 Germany VP: Berlin (2), Paris, Warsaw, Hamburg. 1 Italy VP: Rome. 4 Japan VP: Tokyo (2), Shanghai, Harbin. 3 USSR VP: Moscow, Leningrad, Stalingrad. 7 American VP: Washington(2), San Francisco, Honolulu, Manila, Rio de Janeiro, Chinese territories. 7 Britain VP: London (2), Calcutta, Sydney, Hong King, Ottawa, Cape Town, Cairo.

2 Neutral VP: Stockholm and Istanbul.

11. Victory goes to the first coalition (Axis, USSR, ABC) which achieves its goal at the end of one of its Power's turns.

12. Axis wins by holding 17 VP, a net gain of + 7.

13. USSR wins by holding 8 VP, a net gain of + 5 VP.

14. ABC Powers win by holding 20 VP, a net gain of +6 VP.

Note: This schema lets the Axis choose a Russia first, a Great Britain first, or a Southern Hemisphere strategy (Australia, Brazil, Egypt, South Africa, India, Hong Kong, Manila). The USSR can go after the neutrals Turkey and Sweden, grab Poland, grab India, grab Egypt, conquer China, or attack Manchuria, or even go for Berlin.

15. As for neutral USA, I would let them go to war by Turn 5 of the pre-Pearl Harbor Scenario, corresponding to Spring 1943 or so. Keep them at one-half production until then. Neutral or Belligerent USA may send 5 IPC per turn, total, to China, Britain or USSR as it pleases. Japanese attack on USA or Britain triggers USA entry. German attack on New World or attempt (successful or not) to invade Britain triggers USA entry. IPC income of Eastern and Central USA is doubled for four turns after USA entry. 

16. Britain receives only 155 IPC each from Borneo and East Indies while Britain remains neutral.