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Subject Revised AA50
Victory Hold 9 victory cities Hold 15 victory cities
Italy Part of Germany Separate player
China Part of US Separate player, usually controlled by the US player, with special rules. China receives no IPC’s but builds 1 infantry per 2 areas held at the end of the turn. Chinese may only be in areas with a Chinese flag and Kwangtung. Chinese may not build in areas with 3+ Chinese units.
Technology Pay 5 IPC’s to receive a specified technology on a roll of 6. Pay 5 IPC’s to receive a researcher.  Each researcher succeeds on a 6. All researchers are removed on success. Technology is rolled on the player’s choice of 2 tables.
Jet Fighters Defend at 5 Attack at 4
Submarines May retreat or submerge. Costs 8. Defends at 2. May end non-combat movement with enemy naval force without destroyers. Can't be hit by aircraft unless enemy destroyers are present. Costs 6. Defends at 1. May submerge, but not retreat. Submerges instead of firing.
Transports Taken as loss normally. Defends at 1. Costs 8. Always taken as a loss last. Defends at 0. Costs 7.
Strategic Bombing Inflicts d6 IPC losses to the foe, up to the value of the territory. Inflicts D6 damage to the complex, up to twice the value of the territory. Each hit reduces production capacity by 1. Hits are repaired for 1 IPC during the buy phase.
Bombardment Destroyed units can’t fire back. Destroyed units can fire back. Number of bombarding ships can’t exceed the number of attacking units.
National Objectives Not used. Powers receive bonus income for certain conditions.
AA Guns Cost 5. Cost 6. Does not shoot on NCM (as in AAR LHTR)
Bombers Cost 15 Cost 12
Battleships Cost 24 Cost 20
Carriers Cost 16. Defends at 3. Cost 14. Defends at 2.
Cruisers Not used Fights at 3. Costs 12. Can bombard.
Destroyers Fights at 3. Costs 12. Fights at 2. Costs 8. Stops sub movement and neutralizes first strike. Allows aircraft to attack subs.
Heavy Bombers 2 dice on all attacks. (LHTR: pick best die in combat, add 1IPC if SBR) 2 dice on all attacks.

Another comparison File:A&A Anniversary Rules Changes.pdf