This is a variant for AAG40. Each rule has been added to improve balance, historicity and play interest

Two Ocean War The United States splits its income between the Europe & Pacific maps, just like Britain. San Francisco is the regional capital for the Pacific map. Split the income evenly between the maps, with odd dollars going to Europe. US units can't conduct non-combat movement over the map boundary in the Western hemisphere. Combat movement is allowed. Movement across the map boundary in the Eastern hemisphere is allowed.

Russian Winter On turn 4, all Russian units in combat in originally Russian areas are +1

Trans-Siberian Railroad The Russians may move 1 unit during non-combat any distance within originally Russian territory. Bases, industrial complexes and units that conducted combat movement may not be moved. No movement into or through newly captured areas (or enemy-held areas).

Fighter Scramble Fighters may scramble from any adjacent area, not just islands. You still need an air base.

US Neutrality While neutral, US units may not enter land areas not already US controlled, and may not move into sea areas adjacent to Europe, Asia, Africa. Axis units may not enter land areas or sea areas adjacent to North & South America.

Japan & Russia Japan & Russia can't attack each other until Germany attacks Russia.

Tactical Bombers(Optional) Don't use. Replace starting tactical bombers with fighters. You can use the pieces interchangeably

Convoy Boxes(Optional) Don't use.

New National Objectives

These national objectives replace the ones which come with the game.

Sea Routes Most objectives are sea routes. They can blocked by enemy control of the end points, enemy air units in any named area, enemy surface naval units adjacent to any named area or enemy submarines within 2 of any named area. Neutral end points or ground units on islands do not block sea routes.


  • +5 each turn if sea route Norway/Sweden/Berlin Baltic Iron Convoy
  • +5 each turn if sea route Caucasus/Ukraine/Romania or at peace with Russia Caspian Oil Fields

Soviet Union

  • +5 each turn, at war, with no other Allied units in original Soviet territory Centralized Planning
  • +5 each turn, at war, sea route Scotland/Archangel Northern Convoy Route
  • +5 each turn, at war, US at war, no Axis control in Caucasus/Northwest Persia, sea route Eastern US/Brazil/South Africa/Italian Somaliland/Persia Persian Supply Route


  • +5 each turn control Sea Route Borneo/Sumatra/Malaya/Vietnam/Hainan/Formosa/Okinawa/Japan Indonesian Oil Fields
  • +5 each turn if all original areas held Greater East Asian Co-prosperity Sphere

United Kingdom (Europe)

  • +5 each turn, sea route Eastern US/Nova Scotia/Erie/United Kingdom Atlantic Convoys
  • +5 each turn, sea route Gibraltar/Sardinia/Sicily/Malta/Crete/Cyprus/Egypt Mediterranean Convoys

United Kingdom (Pacific)

  • +5 each turn, US at war, sea route Eastern US/Brazil/South Africa/Madagascar/Western India India Convoy Route


  • +5 each turn, US at War, sea route New South Wales/New Zealand/Fiji/Hawaii/Western US Australian Convoy Route


  • +5 each turn, sea route Southern Italy/Sicily/Malta/Tunisia Mediterranean Convoys
  • +5 each turn, sea route Southern Italy/Sicily/Crete/Cyprus/Syria, no Allied control in Iraq Mare Nostrum


  • +6 each turn, Burma Road areas controlled by Allies Burma Road

United States

  • +30 each turn, at war, if Eastern, Central & Western US held Arsenal of Democracy


  • +5 each turn, US at war, sea route Eastern US/Nova Scotia/Normandy-Bourdeaux US Aid to France
  • 4 infantry in Paris when liberated Liberte

Designers Notes

Two-Ocean War improves balance by the preventing the US from just dumping everything on Germany. If would have been politically impossible to focus everything on Germany. It also turns the Central Pacific into a lively arena.

Russian Winter reflects the historical difficulties the Germans faced. It also gives the Russians a breather and an opportunity to counterattack.

Trans-Siberian Railroad reflects the advantages the Russians had from their rail network and interior lines. Troops were rushed from Siberia to the defense of Moscow. It gives the Russians it bit more defense at Moscow and the ability to send more troops against Japan if needed. Note that in AAE40, the Russians can bring 2 infantry on each turn.

Fighter Scramble is just common sense. It also makes the British fleet more survivable. Note that fighters could also be used to protect German subs.

Tactical Bombers differ little from fighters, so why have them.

Convoy Boxes are not needed, as the National Objectives have similar effects.

National Objectives were changed for a number of reasons. Some objectives were unlikely to be achieved in the game and were dropped. Most of the the National Objectives reflect oil supply routes or US assistance to belligerents.