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Axis & Allies & Zombies

1. No strategic bombing.
2. No AA Guns / Mechanized Infantry / Cruisers.
3. No shore bombardment.
4. Cannot build new factories.
5. Recruitment centers are like factories but only build infantry
6 For balance, 3 Zombies start in Germany Victory Condition: Take 1 enemy capital and hold all your own
Zombies win if their income reaches 25
Set Game/User Notifications/Show Trigger/Condition Change Roll Failure to off
Based upon Axis & Allies & Zombies
Player nations are not allowed to invade neutrals, but can move in once zombies have taken over.
Note that in this wierd alternate history scenario, the Zombies are restless dead (Draugr) and not contagious as in most modern zombie fiction. They are capable of using weaponry, but too impaired to handle sophisticated weaponry or coordinate their actions.
The dead were awakened uncontrallably by Nazi occultists
The big change from the original game is that Zombies are not spawned by killing infantry, as there was no way to handle that in TripleA. Instead every area has 1% chance per turn of spawning a horde of 10. In addition each area has a 10% chance each turn of spawning 1.
Created for TripleA by Roger Cooper

Nations: Russians Germans British Japanese Americans Zombies

Units: infantry artillery armour fighter bomber transport submarine destroyer carrier battleship factory recruitmentCenter zombie