Will Theman(Nimbletim)
We've kind of exhausted the normal axis and allies, but there are so many nice looking figures and 2 lovely maps so I wanted to put them to use in a new way.

the result was a cross between shogun a axis. Players can invest their income in troops or buildings like normal, but they can also hire levy infantry (like the ronin in shogun) that appear for one turn only but are cheaper and you can have as many as you can afford. Players can also add their income as a modifier to d12 roll to determine play order each round. As for the ninja, I'm not sure it would suit the setting.

Roll to see who starts, the winner selects any world capital and the other players choose after.the capitals that are left start under neutral control. Then roll again for order and in turn place one inf on any territory you like. Do this ten times each, the remaining territories are neutral. Then all the players get 6 more inf, 1 arty, and one tank to place in their territories one at a time. 

Edit: use a d12 instead of the normal axis d6.

You don't start with any ships at all or any planes and no industry or AA etc. you start weak and likey eying greedy neighbours. If you tried to snatch as many lucrative territories as possible your realm is likely far flung and extended.

Every territory can at least build 1 inf per turn. You can place a minor ind on a 1 value territory, and a major ind. on any 2+ territory. The minor also gives you +1 income and the major gives you +3. Every territory that is connected to your capital gives you double points, sea zones connect islands if there is and unbroken line of transports.

Now it gets weird. If a unit can move 1 then it can move 1 and then attack 1. If it does not attack then it can move 2. Therefore a tank could move 4 spaces through friendly territory if it did not attack that turn. You can treat other players territory as friendly if you have an agreement with them but they can rescind their permission at any time. If they do you attack them instead of moving through them.

Focuses: when you start you can choose a national focus if you like: naval, airborne, mechanised, and army. Units that you focus gain + 1 to their attack rolls, but 2 other branches must take a -1 penalty to compensate. You can put the penalty on the same branch if you like. You can give your focus branch max of +2, but you must spread around the remaining 4 penalty points. You can also start with 10% cheaper units from one branch, but 10% more expensive ones from all the others. You can increase this to 20 % if you want.

This should give some really interesting customisation options. Oh also if you pick a focus you start with 15 points worth of kit extra that is associated with you focus branch. If you went neutral then you just get 15 points extra income for next turn.

I have never tried this game and won't be able to for a couple months sadly. If anyone likes it and has a go please post up what you thought of it.

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