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Map Name: revised Number Of Players: 5 Location: /revised/games/Aairborne52's%20Revised.xml Version: 1.3.3

This game is a variant of the TripleA revised game. 1)Halftracks: 2/1/2. They can blitz, and give artillery support, meaning they can boost an attacking infantry to attack on a 2 rather than a 1. But each infantry must match up with a halftrack. Halftracks take up just as much space as a tank on a tansport does. Some people say the this will replace the artillery. But it won't. Basically I took a point off the artillary's defense, and added it to the movement. Halftracks were only used in attacking situations in the real war. The only defense it had in WWII was if you had infantry hide behind it. Remember halftracks can attack on 2, defend on 1, move 2, blitz, and support infantry. 2)Rockets: coming soon Good luck.

Nations: Japanese British Americans Germans Russians
Units: halftrack infantry artillery armour fighter bomber transport battleship destroyer carrier submarine factory aaGun