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Credits: Hidde2k Unmissable assistace: redrum, Cernel Original XML creators: Bung, Veqryn

Version This is version: v.5.1.B
The updates in this version are:

-Capital of Koen moved from watergraafsmeer to Haarlem centrum.
-Changed productionvalue Haarlem centrum to 9.
-Changed productionvalue Watergraafsmeer to 8.
-buffed in Geiner Wei by 2 armour
-buffed in Muiderberg by 1 infantry
-buffed in De Horn by 1 armour, 2 artillery and 2 infantry
-buffed in Almere with a major factory
-buffed in Marken with a major factory
-buffed Koen by giving him Java-Oostelijke Havenbuurt and de Plantage with their units
-buffed Koen in Oosterparkbuurt by 2 mech_inf
-buffed Koen in Haarlem zuid by 1 artillery
-buffed Koen in Haarlem centrum with a major factory
-buffed Koen in Dapper-Indische Buurt by 1 artillery
-nerfed by losing de Pijp and it's units to Joelle
-buffed Jelle in Waterlooplein by 2 artillery
-buffed Jelle in Haven Noord by 1 artillery
-buffed Jelle in Bedrijventerrein Sloterdijk with a minor factory
-buffed Jelle in Jordaan with a minor factory
-nerfed Alex in Diemen zuid by 3 infantry
-nerfed Alex in Holendrecht by 2 infantry
-nerfed Alex in Gaasperpark by 2 infantry
-nerfed Ijburg by bringing production down to 2
-buffed Alex in de Sniep by 1 armour
-buffed Alex in Hoofddorp with a major factory
-buffed Joelle by giving her de Pijp and it's units minus 1 infantry and 1 artillery
-buffed Joelle in Badhoever Wei by 3 artillery
-buffed Joelle in Baan 27 by 1 infantry and 1 artillery
-nerfed Joelle in Badhoevedorp by 2 mech_infantry
-nerfed Hidde in Baan 04 by 1 fighter
-nerfed Hidde in Aalsmeer centrum with a minor factory
-buffed Hidde in Schiphol Terminal with a major factory
-nerfed by losing Java-Oostelijke Havenbuurt and de Plantage with their units to Koen
-added minor factory to Petroleumhavens for Jelle for him to be able to pruduce ships
-removed the factory minor in Bedrijventerrein Sloterdijk for compensation
-made Petroleumhavens 2 PU's worth to make the factory possible
-upped all Schiphol runways in value from 1 PU to 2 PU's to allow the construction of factories to build planes
-opend up Zuiderwolde, Lustoord and Zwanenburg to airfield construction
-upped the PU value to 2 on Natuurgebied Naardermeer, Lustoord and Bullewijk to allow factory construction and to balance the game
-clarity on the construction of airfields, airplanes, harbours and factories

Note This game uses vanilla rules, also knowns as OOB (out of the box).

Disclaimer This map is made by a noob (its a first time map) the XML was stolen from Bung and Veqryn and adjusted untill it was right.
You can inform me of mistakes on the trippleA forum under the "Adam met de Bois" post.

Rights Map Everybody is allowed to use any part of this map. Have fun.

Scenario Amsterdam is te klein voor deze groep bois.
Een 7-zijdige oorlog breekt uit.
Diegene die thuiswijken van andere bois weet te veroveren is de erkende koning.

Amsterdam is too small for this group of boys.
A 7-sided war breaks out.
The one who manages to conquer home districts from other boys is the recognized king.

NB: Special rules Airplane and airbase construction is mostly restricted to Schiphol airport to give extra importance to the region.
The only places were airbase and airplane construction are possible are:
-Baan 04
-Baan 27
-Baan 36 C
-Baan 36 en 06
-Schiphol Terminal
-Schiphol zuid
-Natuurgebied Naardermeer
Harbours are restricted to the existing ones exept Zuiderwolde where an additional one can be constructed.
Keep in mind that factory construction is always limited to territories with a value higher than 1.
Both harbours and airfields cost 50 PU's to construct. This keeps the existing ones valueable.
Note that the construction of airplanes requires both a factory and an airfield to be present in the tile.
The same holds true for ships and harbours.

Victory Conditions Own 3 capitals (your own included).

Nations: Hidde Jelle Bram Alex David Joelle Koen

Units: infantry artillery mech_infantry armour fighter tactical_bomber bomber transport submarine destroyer cruiser carrier battleship aaGun airfield harbour factory_minor factory_upgrade factory_major

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