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Age Of the Strulungs(1220-1264), created by StefanA, is a scenario loosely based somewhere around the year 1226. It is in an early part of a bloody civil war in Iceland. In 1218 Snorri Sturluson (chieftain of the vestur-Sturlugar) became a vassal of King Hakon of Norway. After Snorri returned home to Iceland he quickly began, expending his rule of domain and/or trying to bring Iceland under the sovereignty of the king of Norway.

Sturlunga Alliance Powers

  • Nordur-Sturlungar (capitol: Hrafnagilshreppur)
  • Vestur-Sturlungar (capitol: Reykholtsdalshreppur)
  • Dala-Sturlungar (capitol: Middalahreppur)
  • Oddaverjar (capitol: Rangarvallarhreppur )

District-States Powers

  • Asbirningar (capitol: Blonduhlidarhreppur)
  • Haukdaelir (capitol: Biskupstungnahreppur)
  • Vatnsfirdingar (capitol: Vatnsfjardarsveit)
  • Mula-Svinfellingar (capitol: Fljotsdalshreppur)
  • Skaftafells-Svinfellingar (capitol: Litlaherad)

Unit definitions (attack, defend, movement, cost, extra)

  • rockthrower: 1,1,1,2 (transportCost 2)
  • spearman: 1,2,1,3 (artillery supportable, transportCost 2)
  • archer: 1,2.1, 4 (artillery, transportCost 2 )
  • axeman: 2, 2, 1, 4 (artillery supportable, transportCost 2)
  • swordman: 3,3,1,5 (transportCost 2)
  • horseman: 1,1,2, 3 (can blitz, transportCost 3)
  • skuta:1,1,2,6 (transportCap 4)
  • knorr: 1,2,2, 8 (transportCap 8)
  • longship: 3,2,2, 14 (is twohit)
  • fortress: 0,4,0, 12 (is twohit)
  • church: 0,0,0,15 (can build)

Historical Overview[]

The Age of the Sturlungs or the Sturlung Era was a 42-44 year period of internal strife in mid 13th century. It may also have been the bloodiest and most violent period in Icelandic history. It is documented in the Sturlunga saga. This period is marked by the conflicts of powerful chieftains, godar, who amassed followers and did battle, and is named for the Sturlungs, the most powerful family clan in Iceland at the time. At the end of the era, the Icelandic Commonwealth ceased to exist; Iceland became a vassal of Norway Historians generally regard the year 1220 as the first year of the Age of the Sturlungs, although some wish to place its beginning at an earlier date because of the Battle of Vidines. Power in the country had consolidated within the grasp of a few family clans At this time, Haakon The Old IV of Norway, was trying to extend his influence in Iceland. Many Icelandic chieftains became his vassals and were obliged to do his bidding -- in exchange they received gifts, followers and a status of respect. Consequently, the greatest Icelandic chieftains were soon affiliated with the King of Norway in one way or the other.

Age of the Sturlungs

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