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Win Conditions: An alliance must hold 7 of the 8 tribal capitols in the end of a round to win. (Optional: A quicker Economic Victory can be enabled before game start. The first alliance to control 350 PUs in the end of a round wins.)

General Information: This is pure counterfactual history. In this timeline, the ancient tribes of Europe banded together in two large opposing alliances a long time ago. Since that time their sole purpose was to destroy the other civilization and prove their own cultural and military supremacy. But who would be the triumphing part? The Eastern Tribes or the Western Tribes?

This map includes a tech system with a tech tree. Players can purchase technological developments, place them at bases, thereby gaining access to new and better units, while at the same time automatically outdating old ones.

The map has a VERY LONG PLAYTIME, approximately 25-100 rounds. The tech tree can be fully developed by round 85. Because of these conditions, players can choose to jump into the tribal war at other time periods than the primeval age. This can be done by playing the different available versions of Age of Tribes.

Map Rules:

  • This is a 4 vs. 4 player map.
  • The dices used are 12-sided.
  • Combat Moves and Non Combat Moves are done before Purchase and Placement.
  • Land and sea battles only last 5 battle rounds.
  • Bombing interceptions only last 2 battle rounds.
  • Units do not need to be placed in the same round as they are bought.
  • One cannot build bases in newly captured territories.
  • It is possible to buy and place new aircraft directly on newly placed carriers.
  • Players will, as the ages pass by, have their old and outdated units removed from the map. Specific unit types will be removed at the start of specific rounds. Refer to The Ages section for more details.

The Ages: This game starts in the Primeval Age and may end in the far away Futuristic Age. There are also a lot of ages in between. Every single age will bring its own set of events and conditions:

Primeval Age Round 1-5 Age gives +1 Tech and +5 PUs per turn, besides territory income. East and West are enemies, but there is no cooperation on either side. All Wild-Mammoth units can be captured.

Prehistoric Age Round 6-15 Age gives +5 Tech and +10 PUs per turn, besides territory income. The tribes may walk through territories of other friendly tribes. In the end of round 10, all large beasts of nature will go extinct.

Classical Age Round 16-25 Age gives +10 Tech and +15 PUs per turn, besides territory income. East and west are now alliances and will give back liberated territories to allies. All Cavemen are now outdated.

Medieval Age Round 26-35 Age gives +20 Tech and +20 PUs per turn, besides territory income. The Black Death is set to arrive in the end of round 26. Use military units to contain and eradicate the plague. All Axemen and Mammoths are now outdated.

Renaissance Age Round 36-45 Age gives +50 Tech and +25 PUs per turn, besides territory income. New 10 PU sea zone trade centers spawn in the beginning of this age. All Spearmen, Slingers, Chariots and Catapults are now outdated.

Industrial Age Round 46-55 Age gives +100 Tech and +30 PUs per turn, besides territory income. All Swordsmen, Bowmen, Horsemen and Ballistae are now outdated.

Modern Age Round 56-65 Age gives +200 Tech and +35 PUs per turn, besides territory income. All Halberdmen, Crossbowmen, Knights and Trebuchets are now outdated.

Cold War Age Round 66-68/69-70 Age gives +200 Tech and +35 PUs per turn, besides territory income. Non combat naval moves through enemy channels are possible. The Cold War turns warm in the start of round 69. All Musketmen are now outdated.

Futuristic Age Round 71+ Age gives +400 Tech and +40 PUs per turn, besides territory income. All Riflemen, Carabiniers, Cannons, Mortars and Observation-Balloons are now outdated.


Bases Players can develop bigger and more productive bases throughout the game. Old and obsolete base types are sometimes torn down. The Camp is the first base type. The Fort is the second base type. When the third base type is developed, the Castle, all camps are removed from the map. When the forth base type is developed, the Citadel, all Forts are removed, and so forth. This means that a player can only have and use the two latest base types. Missile Shields and Energy Shields also outdate any base type older than the Command Bunker. All bases can be bombarded, thereby getting damaged or destroyed. If a base is damaged, its production capacity is reduced.

Missile Shields These are the strongest anti-air unit available. Each building will fire at up to five enemy aircraft in every battle round. Each aircraft will have a 42% risk of getting hit. Only Stealth Bombers can lower this risk to 33%. These shields also fire during Strategic Bombardment attacks.

Energy Shields These powerful defensive buildings have the ability to protect defending units by lowering the attack power of attacking enemies. A total of five enemy units are given -1 on their attack dice. The shield has no effect against Strategic Bombardment.

Bombardment Bases and other buildings can be strategic bombarded by special units and thereby damaged or destroyed. Base types have different amounts of hit points, but all base damage can be repaired at the beginning of the owning players purchase phase. Damaged bases have their unit building and placement capabilities reduced.

Special Units:

Observation Balloons These balloons assist artillery units in spotting enemies from afar. Afterward, they help guide artillery attacks against them. A total of up to three friendly artillery units may in this manner receive a +2 on their attack or defense dice.

Submarines Submarines are special naval units of the late ages. They have the special ability to perform instant killing first strikes, to submerge before or after battle start, and finally to move unnoticed into enemy waters during the non combat move phase. Submarines can also prevent enemy Submarines from submerging out of battle.

Mortars These units are specialized in devastating enemy bases from a distance. They fire volleys of exploding iron ordinance towards enemy buildings. Though specialized against buildings, the mortar can also attack other military units within range.

Rocket Launchers These mobile units are in the top line of advanced military hardware. Rocket Launchers may fire large and destructive Rockets every round. These Rockets may be aimed at either enemy units or enemy buildings. Be aware that Submarines attacked by Rockets can just submerge out of danger.

Trucks Trucks are capable of transporting footmen and support footmen. One Truck can move one footman two territories. To move Trucks and footmen two territories, click and mark the Trucks, click and mark an equal number of footmen and then click on the targeted territory two moves away. All Trucks and footmen will now move directly into that territory. Trucks can also blitz through and capture enemy territories during this operation.

Air Transports These planes can carry up to three Infantry, Shock Troopers or War Robots into battle. After paradrops, these Air Transports also participate in any following battle. If they survive, then they may/must fly back to a friendly territory. Be aware that Anti-Air Units might shoot down Air Transports before paradrops can occur.

Stealth Bombers These aircraft use advanced technology that makes them hard to detect and hit. Each Stealth Bomber therefore causes three enemy units to fight with a -1 on their attack or defense dice.

Robots and Drones War Robots and Attack Drones are deadly killing machines of the future. They have the special advantage of being immune to the deadly radiation effects of nuclear weapons and the hampering conditions of Radiation Zones.

Barrage Balloons These balloons are the first form of anti-air weapons available. For every Barrage-Balloon present during battle rounds, one aircraft, except bombers and paradropping air transports, has a 25% risk of colliding with balloon cables. The units are relative cheap and the crews will also fight against any enemy ground forces they encounter.

Anti-Air Units This weapon system may fire at every type of enemy aircraft it encounters. For every Anti-Air unit present during battle rounds, one aircraft has a 33.33% risk of getting shot down. Furthermore, the Anti-Air crews will fight against any enemy ground forces they encounter as well as attack any enemy aircraft flying over them.

Nukes: Nuke units and Nuclear Ballistic Missiles are both specialized and destructive units. The following applies to both delivery systems:

  • A nuke attack has a 50% kill chance on 5 enemy units.
  • A nuke attack will create a radiation zone.
  • A radiation zone will affect up to 100 defending enemy units with a -1 on any defense roll.
  • A radiation zone will cost the holder of the territory 1 PU income every round.
  • Radiation zones may stack, thereby costing the defender even more PUs.
  • Radiation zones are permanent, but War Robots and Attack Drones are immune to any and all nuke strikes and radiation.
  • Radiation zones prevent attackers from blitzing.
  • It is possible to attack with a nuke alongside other forces, but then the nuke will only blow if the attack fails.
  • If the attack succeeds, the nuke will not blow. Nuke bombers may in this case fly back to friendly territory.
  • International nuclear regulations prevent tribes from possessing more than one nuke plane at a time.

Nuclear Missile Silos: International nuclear regulations prevent all tribal nations from building more than one missile silo. However, a silo will always restock and acquire a new missile after a missile is launched. Moreover, it is still possible to capture and use enemy silos without attracting international attention and risking intervention.

Game Options: In-game music can be turned off by disabling Game - Sound Options - Start of Your Turn Control.

Credits: Thanks to the TripleA community and developer forum for help, tips and support. Shield dice images are made by TripleA community member Cernel. Special thanks to lead beta tester Crazy German for all the testing and good ideas. Map designed and created by Frostion

Nations: Diseases AI Brittonic Baltic Germanic Slavic Celtic Hellenic Romanic Hattic

Units: Plague Black-Death Bomber Carabinier Mortar Mortar-Bombardment Rifleman Develop-Warplane Develop-Submarine Ballista Develop-Fighter Axeman Develop-Air-Transport Ballistic-Missile Battle-Mech Develop-Jet-Fighter Develop-Ironclad Develop-Halberdman Develop-Warship Submarine Develop-Chariot Develop-Axeman Crossbowman Tank Battle-Tank Air-Transport Command-Bunker Halberdman Develop-Bomber Warplane Develop-Boat Develop-Musketman Warship Sail-Ship Horseman Observation-Balloon Sea-Radiation Develop-Barrage-Balloon Develop-Tank Develop-Bowman Ironclad Develop-Swordsman Develop-Mortar Develop-War-Robot Attack-Helicopter Fighter Musketman Develop-Sail-Ship Develop-Rifleman Boat Develop-Ballista Bowman Develop-Stealth-Bomber Trebuchet Develop-Anti-Air Nuke-Explosion Radiation Swordsman Develop-Truck Missile-Silo Catapult Develop-Castle Develop-Cannon Knight Rocket-Launcher Chariot Develop-Command-Bunker War-Robot Galley Spearman Develop-Trebuchet Nuke Develop-Fort Develop-Knight Develop-Rocket-Launcher Develop-Battle-Tank Attack-Drone Develop-Slinger Develop-Crossbowman Develop-Spearman Develop-Galley Mammoth Anti-Air Develop-Horseman Citadel Develop-Energy-Shield Develop-Shock-Trooper Develop-Battle-Mech Camp Cannon Develop-Nuke Develop-Citadel Fort Rocket Develop-Observation-Balloon Develop-Attack-Drone Develop-Carabinier Develop-Missile-Silo Barrage-Balloon Develop-Missile-Shield Slinger Shock-Trooper Energy-Shield Develop-Infantry Develop-Catapult Develop-Fleet-Carrier Jet-Fighter Missile-Shield Truck Fleet-Carrier Infantry Develop-Attack-Helicopter Caveman Castle Radiation-Zone Stealth-Bomber

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