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Two-sided, turn-based WWII game. Victory is achieved with controlling all capitals within 30 rounds.
WARNING! The balance hasn't extensively tested yet. Still progressing...

Axis Allies
Germany Russia
Japan England
Italy America
  • The Game is composed with land and sea territories. Every present unit must be on a territory and they cannot be on more than one territory.
  • Units can move between adjacent spaces during their turns.
  • Territories and sea zones on the left edge are connected with the territories on the right edge.
  • Rivers show adjacency between sea zones.



They allow naval units to move through canal routes.They have no effect on land connections and any air unit can use their routes freely.

Canal Name Location Information
Kiel Canal Germany Whoever controls "Germany" territory at the start of the turn can and their allies move their naval units throuh the route.
Panama Canal E.Mexico Whoever controls "E.Mexico" territory at the start of the turn can and their allies move their naval units throuh the route.
Suez Canal Cairo and Middle East Whoever controls both Cairo and Middle East at the start of the turn can and their allies move their naval units through the route. If these territories are controlled by opposite alliances at the start of the turn, canal is closed to all naval units.


  • The main screen cannot display the whole World at once, only shows part of the map. The part that is displayed can be rapidly moved or changed via using the main screen or the minimap attached to top-right corner.Money (PUs) of the game that need to produce units. Can only be obtained from controlling land territories.
  • Almost all land territories have an production value which marked from 5 to 250 and they produce these incomes each turn after capturing them for their controller.
  • Land territories can be controlled by only one nation at the same time
  • Islands have the same rules with land territories.
  • Sea territories have no owner.
  • White territories are impassable including Siberia which means units cannot place on them, they cannot even use them as transit including air units.


  • Only one nations from each alliance can be in charge of territories which is shown in the maps.==========================================================
    The game goes with finishing the stages in order.
    ROUND: The sum of all stages from Germany's "Combat Move" to China's "Turn Complete".

TURN: The sum of all stages that conducted by the same nation in a round. Each round is composed with 7 turns and each turn is composed with 6 stages.


  • The current player may move any or all of his units to the full limit of their movement allowance with certain exceptions.
  • Factories and trenches cannot move.
  • Land units can not move on sea territories unless they are carried by transports. They lost all combat abilities when they are on a sea territory.
  • Sea units cannot move on land territories.
  • Land and sea units stop moving as soon as they enter an area occupied by an enemy unit except enemy transport. Armour may move through empty territories (Blitz) controlled by an opposing player without being required to stop capturing that territory as they go.
  • Air units can not move so far that their remaining movement allowance is insufficient for them to return to an eligible landing area, but players can conduct suicidal attacks by not moving carriers to rescue them. Whatever engine allows about it is legal.
  • Air units can fly and attack over enemy units as long as they retain sufficient movement power to safely return.
  • Only in this stage units may enter into any form of combat situation. If a player moves units into a territory owned by the enemy, or containing enemy units, then the units must stop and participate in the battle.
  • At the end of this stage, combat will be resolved for each territory and sea zone which the player and any opposite alliance member has at least one combatant unit.
  • Units that do not use up their full movement allowance in this stage retain the remainder for the Non-Combat Movement stage except the land and sea units that engaged in combat. They lose their remaining movement points.


  • They can carry one foot infantry and one any land unit.
  • Land unit moves onto a transport in an adjacent sea zone and later moves onto a territory adjacent to the transport. The transport may move at any point in this process. The land unit may unload on the same turn or later, and may remain on the transport indefinitely.
  • Land units may load onto one transport from different territories and at different times but a transport may only unload to one territory per player turn, and if it unloads, it may not move any more in that player turn. Land units may not move before they load onto a transport.
  • They can transport allied units as well.
  • They have no effect at sea battles.


  • Only fighters can be on the carriers but they are still considered to be in the air. This means that when you are moving the carrier, the air units do not move with it.
  • Allied air units on the carrier do not participate in attacks alongside but they can be taken as casualty. If the carrier is sunk on a defensive battle, the fighters can rescue themelves by moving an adjacent friendly land territory.


  • They have no effect at land battles besides preventing enemy to blitz. They cannot be destroyed. Their base values are 10 times smaller than their territory values which determine their production capacities. 10 Pus has to be spent to repair each of damage.


  • They are marked with the flag icons which provides +2 defensive bonus to all units. Occupiers cannot gain income from these territories.


  • Nations can spend their incomes whatever the way they want including not spending.
Land Units
Unit Name Attack Defense Movement Upkeep Cost Ability
Infantry 2 3 1 2 (7%) 30 Supportable by artillery
Artillery 3 3 1 2 (5%) 40 +1 attack bonus when paired with infantry
Armour 4 4 2 3 (6%) 50 Blitz
Siberian 3 4 1 2 (5%) 20 russia unit, supportable by artillery, can only be bought from Siberia
Light Cavalry 1 3 2 2 (10%) 20 china unit, supportable by h.cavalry, blitz
Heavy Cavalry 3 3 2 2 (7%) 30 china unit, blitz, +1 attack bonus when paired with l.cavalry
Naval Units
Unit Name Attack Defense Movement Blockade Upkeep Cost Ability
Transport 0 0 2 - 2 (5%) 40 Carries infantry+x gound unit, valuelesss in combat
Destroyer 1 2 2 1 2 (6%) 35 -
Cruiser 3 3 2 2 3 (6%) 50 -
Carrier 1 2 2 1 2 (4%) 50 Carries two fighters
Boat 1 2 2 1 2 (7%) 30 russia unit, carries any land unit
Submarine 2 2 1 1 2 (5%) - 1/7 chance to be emerge in each sea zone of N.Atlantic every turn.
Air Units
Unit Name Attack Defense Movement Air Attack Air Defense Blockade Upkeep Cost Ability
Fighter 2 2 4 3 3 1 3 (7%) 40 Intercept
Bomber 1 1 6 3 - - 3 (5%) 60 Strategic bomber (1-3), cannot land on carriers
Unit Name Placement Ability
Factory Cannot be built Produces units for original owners 1/10 territory value, can be damaged up to territory value, AA
Trench 1 can be placed in factory territory per round. 3 defense, 1 (3%) upkeep


  • Each territory or sea zone where both the player has combatant units, and any enemy has combatant units, will create a battle that must be resolved. A list of these territories and sea zones will appear on the right side.
  • The current player may resolve these in any order he wishes, but there are some exceptions, such as amphibious invasions and strategic bombing raids, which must be done first, but all battles must be resolved during this stage.
  • Nations can defend together, but only one of them may attack during their turn.
  • Each battle proceeds in a series of rounds, until at least one side is destroyed or attacker retreats.
  • Each combat round proceeds in a series of sections. All units of both attacker and defender get to fire once per battle round, even if the unit is selected to be a casualty.

Air Warfare

  • Air battles occur first in the strategic bombing campaigns. Defender can decide how many fighters on the territory will intercept including ally fighters. It is the only battle type that last only one round.
  • Factories have 1/6 chance randomly to shot down per air attackers without retaliation which rolls only in the beginning of the battles.

Blockade Zone

  • Naval units (except transport) and fighters to do damage up to the value of land territories surrounding a blockade zone, to the enemy's income after they finish their turn. Each blockade power represents roughly 7-21 PUs income reduction of enemy if they do not sink them in their blockade shores.

How Units Fire

  • Each unit in the game has a certain attack power and defense power . For example during the battles, their owner will roll 1 die for each infantry they have. If the infantries are attacking, then the owner will score 1 hit for each die that shows a 1. If the infantries are defending, then the owner will score 1 hit for each die that shows a 3 or less. For each hit scored, the enemy must allocate 1 casualty.

Amphibious Combat

  • If there is a combat in the sea zone from which the invasion came, that combat must be resolved before the combat including the invasion. The attacker must win the sea combat, and the relevant transports must survive. If transports sink, the land units being transported will die with them, and therefore not participate in the amphibious battle.
  • The invading amphibious units can not retreat.

Non Combat Move

  • The current player may move any or all of his units to the full limit of their remaining movement allowance, with certain exceptions.
  • Air units must land in this phase to save them considering their remaned movement powers.
  • Land and sea units that participated in combat can not move in this phase. Transports that unloaded this turn may not make any further movement.
  • Units moving in this phase may not initiate any form of combat, including blitzing. Land and sea units may not enter any territory controlled by an enemy or neutral, or any sea zone containing an enemy or neutral unit.


  • Units that were bought during the purchase phase may be placed on the map.
  • Nations can use only their original factories. No side can use occupied factories and no side can purchase new factory. Strategic bombings reduce their base values temporarily which mean the factory owner can place less or no units in the factory unless decides to pay to repair.
  • All units require 1 base value to be placed.
  • Sea units can only be placed in sea zones that are adjacent to factories owned at the beginning of the turn. Fighter may be placed on the carriers as well.
  • It is possible to place new units into sea zones controlled by an opposing player. This does not require combat resolution unless the situation persists until the end of the enemy's next movement phase.
  • After this phase, units start to reduce nation's incomes per round depends on the upkeep value.
  • Newly placed units are fully functional at the end of this phase, meaning that they can be used for defending if attacked during the next player's turn.

End Turn

  • Counts all of the income from owned territories and give that income to the current player.


  • R1=Benelux join England. (after England EndTurn 1)
  • R2=Italy joins. (after Germany EndTurn 2)
  • R3=Greece joins England. (after Germany EndTurn 3)
  • R4=Hungary joins Germany. (after Germany EndTurn 4)
  • R5=Romania joins Germany. (after England EndTurn 5)
  • R6=Yugoslavia joins England. (after England EndTurn 5)
  • R7=Finland joins Germany. (after Germany EndTurn 7)
  • R8=Russia joins. (after England EndTurn 7)
  • R10=Japan and China join. (after England EndTurn 9)
  • R11=USA joins. (after England EndTurn 10)

AI Compatibility[]

  • This option deactivate bombing, intercept and blockade features. Advisable to use if AI will be involved or the preference is simpler game.






Thanks to the following contributors[]

# AA50, Big World project teams and Cernel for inspirations. # Mirko Bruner for territory numbers and relief tiles. # Veqryn, VictorInThePacific, Hepster and Pulicat for the rulebook and the handbook. # Veqryn for the creation of PoS 2 and explanations. # for game start, and bombing sounds. # Frostion for additional sounds. ==========================================================
Contact:yuksely1992@gmail.comNAVALLAND 2020

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