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The Urgals are gathering on a march against Farthen Dûr bound by the spells of the Shade Durza. In the meantime, with the young Dragon Rider Eragon on her side, Nasuada, leader of the Varden, prepares to launch an invasion of the Empire of the evil Rider, King Galbatorix, using Surda as a base. Finally seeing a hope to dethrone the immortal Rider-King, Elves and Dwarves reveal their hidden realms and join forces with the Varden to strike at Galbatorix from all sides...

Lead the armies of the Varden to victory against Galbatorix - or crush all remaining resistance against your Empire, securing your rule forever... It is your time to decide the fate of Alagaësia in this scenario based on the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.


human 4 1 1 2
dwarf 5 1 1 4
urgal 7 2 2 2 1 toughness
kull 10 2 4 3 2 toughness
elf 8 2 3 4
cavalry 8 2 2 2 3 charge
feldunost_rider 8 2 3 2 2 toughness
werecat 6 1 3 3
laughing_dead 7 1 1 2 3 toughness
mage* 8 1 3,3 3,3 low level caster
elven_spellweaver* 11 2 4,4 5,5 low level caster
shade* 17 1 5,5,5 3,3,3 high level caster
razac* 13 4 air 5 2 1 toughness
dragon_rider* 42 4 air 5,5,5,5 5,5,5,5 high level caster, 6 toughness
ship* 12 2 sea 2 2 2 transport capacity
wall* 8 - - 2 3 toughness, 2,2 fortification
city* 12 - - - can produce units
=Special unit abilities=


Toughness reduces the strength of enemy units. Units marked with a star in the table above are unaffected. The strength of a unit can only be reduced once.


Cavalry gets a first strike at the beginning of the battle. Charge only activates when attacking. Charge can NOT kill units marked with a star in the table above.


Walls give a +2 defensive bonus to up to 2 units. Units marked with a star in the table above can NOT recieve bonus.


Magic users are absolutely devastating unless the opponent has their own casters doing countermagic. All casters (regardless of level) ward against up to 2 enemy casters, reducing the number of dice they roll by one.


High level casters have advanced magic capabilities, and when they meet on the battlefield, they engage each other in highly advanced magic-countermagic duels. In addition to the wards mentioned above, all high level casters can use super-wards against up to 2 high level casters, reducing the number of dice they roll by one. Super-wards stack with wards (so high level casters can lose up to 2 rolls, if both warded and super-warded against).

=Map options=

Low Luck[]

Low Luck for AntiAircraft should be turned on too - cavalry charge is governed by that option.

Limited Dragon Riders[]

No new dragon riders can be purchased, lost riders can not be replaced.

Unrestricted Wall Placement[]

Wall placement is not restricted by cities - they can be placed in any territory owned at the start of your turn. However, only 1 wall can be placed per territory in one turn, even in cities.

=Version information=


Version 1.0 - released


Official thread:ësia


Created by alkexr.

Thanks to the members of the TripleA forum, especially to General_Zod, for playtesting, ideas and feedback during beta development.

Map art is the hand-drawn map of Alagaësia by Cristopher Paolini.

Units: city human laughing_dead cavalry dwarf feldunost_rider werecat elf urgal kull mage elven_spellweaver shade dragon_rider razac ship wall

Nations: Empire Surda Dwarves Elves

Alagesia 4 Players