Axis and Allies - The Original Game Moves Magazine Limited Scenario America vs. Germany

- by Vaughn Heppner -


All the regular rules and setup apply.

Order of Play

1 Germany

2 United States

Special Neutrals

Japan and Russia are inviolate. Under no circumstances can you enter their spaces.

Britain is another story. All regular start up pieces begin in British territory. One British infantry starts in Turkey.

No British submarine can ever slip away. Germany or America can attack and conquer British areas after destroying the units in regular combat.

Special Rule for Turkey

Turkey is connected to Eastern Europe in the same fashion that Egypt is connected to Syria-Iraq. Also, one British infantry starts in Turkey.

Victory Conditions

The player with the most points at the end of turn eight is the winner.

Strategy Hints

America must build a factory either in Sinkiang or China. Also, America must win control of the sea.

Germany should grab land like mad. Remember, whowever has the most economic points in eight turns wins. Play for quick grabs and quick strikes.

This scenario first appeared in Moves magazine #62. Roger Cooper created general rules for such a "2 enemies, 2 off-limit and 1 neutral" game: Quick Axis and Allies.