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Axis and Allies Europe American Neutrality Rules


The game A&A Europe starts in June 1941 when the Germans invaded Russia. But the game designers did not take into account that the US was not at war with Germany until after Pearl Harbor in December 1941.


Replicate the five-month quasi-neutral period between Germany and the United States.


Although the relationship between Germany and the US at this time cannot be labeled "neutral", it was a very limited war focused on maintaining/closing British shipping lanes. The US provided some overt convoy escort, but mostly provided aerial reconnaissance to the Royal Navy. The Germans, would fire on any ship in the convoy, but did not target US flagged vessels except when threatened. There were incidents were US ships were torpedoed by German U-Boats, the USS Rueben James for instance, but as a whole these were limited incidents that cannot be, should not be, replicated in a strategic level game such as A&A Europe.


1. Germany and US forces are not at war during the first two rounds of the game. US remains in INACTIVE status until the beginning of round three. Neither side, German or American can attack or conduct combat against each other.

1.1 While INACTIVE German and American forces will move freely across the game board. I.e. no combat required if opposing units enter the same sea zone. Non-combat movement is unaffected and combat is not required if an occupied sea zone is entered. German and American land units cannot occupy the same area, unless cargo on ships. At no time can US land forces and German Land forces be moved into a situation that would require combat. US ships cannot secure British shipping lanes. US shipping lanes cannot be attacked until round three.

2 Limited US Production: The US only can produce up to half its industrial capacity. All fractions rounded up. No adjustments to the IPC chart should ever occur during the first two rounds while INACTIVE.

2.1 No IPCs can be saved from turn to turn during the INACTIVE period. They are Use or Lose.

2.2 US will only collect half of its capacity until turn three.

3. Lend Lease: There are two methods in which the US can begin giving military aid to either ally. They are "Delivery" and "Cash and Carry". At no time can the US give aid in the form of IPCs. Germany cannot interdict any Lend Lease effort.

3.1 Delivery consists of all items(infantry, armor, AA gun, artillery etc.) being transported by an American Ship and off loaded or flew during the US Player turn. Then on the subsequent Allied player turn the equipment is swapped out to the appropriate Allied Power. The British can only receive goods on the territory of "United Kingdom" and the Russians at "Archangel."

3.2 Cash & Carry consists of the merchandise being loaded unto British ships on the US player turn. Upon loading it becomes property of the Crown.


I made the following assumpations when designing these rules: 1) Each game turn represented about a ¼ of the year; 2) US Industry was not completely focused on war In Europe.

These rules were e-mailed to thrasher.