Axis & Allies Wiki

by Roger Vivrette

Originally published in Battleplan #3


During the Place New Units phase, naval units may not be placed in sea zones occupied by enemy naval forces. Further, they may not be construcred at the beginning of the turn if there is no friendly sea zone in which to place them.


A Commando unit has an attack strength of 2, defense strength of 1, movement point of 1 and costs 3 IPC's. It completely ignores the restrictions of neutrsl territories and may pass through them at will without loss of movment or cost to the owning country. They do not capture territories (but they can protect territories from capture).

A maximum of 1 commando unit may be produced each turn, with no side having more than 3 on the board at any time.

TRANSPORT PLANES A Transport Plane unit has an attack of 0, a defense of 1, a move of 6 and costs 5 IPC's. They are only allowed to carry 1 unit at a time and may not make more than 1 pickup & delivery in a turn. It may pickup cargo anywhere along its route and drop it off. It must takeoff and land in a friendly territory and the infantry must disembark when it lands. The disembarking unit may not move on the turn it lands.


A Naval Minefield has a cost of 8. It may beplace in sea zones which meet the following criteris:

  • 1. Prior to placement the area may not contain enemy ships.
  • 2. The area must contain ships that are friendly.

One placed, the minefield is able to effect enemy shipping. Enemy ships roll when entering. On a 1 or 2 it inflicts 1 hit. If it hits, the minefield is removed on a roll of 1-3.


Attack-3, Defense-3, Move-2, Cost-16


Roll Description
1 JET POWER Your fighters defend at 5.
2 ROCKETS Use standard rule.
3 SUPER SUBMARINE Your subs attack at 3.
6 HEAVY BOMBER Your bombers roll 3 dice on attack.
7 IMPROVED AA DEFENSES 2 AA guns can stack & fire in 1 area.
8 GROUND CONTROLLED INTERCEPTION Once per complete turn, you msy move 1 fighter 2 spaces to respond to an enemy attack that contains at least 1 opposing aircraft.
9 LARGE CARRIERS Your carriers may carry 3 fighters.
10 CARRIER BASED BOMBERS Your carriers may carry 1 bomber instead of fighters.
11 DIVINE INTERVENTION Once per complete turn, you may change any 1 die roll to any value desired.
12 LOST OF VITAL MATERIALS Each turn you may increase the unit cost of 1 unit type for 1 opposing player by 1. The effect only lasts for the turn.
13 TACTICAL NUCLEAR WEAPONS Once per turn you may destroy 2 enemy infantry in the same area or 1 enemy armor. You must have friendly units in adjacent land area.
14 STRATEGIC NUCLEAR WEAPONS Your bombers inflict 15 IPC's of damage in strategic bombing.
15 IMPROVED NAVAL SCREENING TACTICS Your transports defend at 2.
16 SUPER BATTLESHIPS Your batttleships attack & defend at 5.
17 IMPROVED ESCORT FOR BOMBERS Your bombers defend at 2
19 AWAKENING THE MASSES Receive 1 free infantry each turn in any controlled area
20 CAPTURED ENEMY SCIENTISTS Roll twice on this table, ignoring this result and results you already have.