Superpower America takes on the world. America bids first and plays last. Battleships do not repair by default. A player must control the appropriate territory to use the Suez or Panama Canals.

  1. 1. No more than five units may be placed in each territory during your bid placement phase, with the exception of placement in your capital.
  1. 2. An unlimited number of naval units may be placed in a seazone adjacent to an industrial complex that you own at the beginning of the game.
  1. 3. Naval units may be placed in a sea zone adjacent to a territory you control, up to the limit of that territories value (For example Japan could place two units in 51 Sea Zone because it is adjacent to Wake Island). These units count toward the bid limit for that territory.

House rules are subject to the host of the game's approval. Have fun!

Nations: Germans British Japanese Americans

Units: infantry armour fighter bomber transport battleship carrier submarine factory aaGun artillery destroyer

Anti Imperialism