Many rules have been proposed. In most cases, the bomb is produced at a factory and is then transported and delivered by a bomber. The bomber must survive AA fire. Use 1 of the following rules. An additional possiblity is to launch on a rocket at range 3.

  • Nova Games Edition Costs 10 to produce. Can be captured. Must be loaded on bombers (costs 1 MP). No more than 1 atomic bomb on the board at the same time. If the bomber survives AA fire, all units in the area are destroyed (even factories and AA guns).
  • Destroys 1 unit of attackers choice.
  • Destroys income value of an area permanently.
  • Each A-Bomb costs 8. It has the following effects, reduces income value by 1 permanently, prevents enemy from using factory on his next turn, prevents enemy from firing on the first round of combat if the area is attacked in the same phase, destroys 1 unit of the attacker's choice.
  • Costs 6. Destroys enemy factory and removes 2D6 IPC's.
  • Reduces income value of area by 1 permanently.
  • Destroys enemy factory
  • Destroys all units in target area
  • Destroys 1 unit of attacker's choice. Production starts at 1/turn, but increases by 1 each turn
  • Reduces income value by 1 permanently and destroys 1 unit of attacker's choice. Bombs cost 3.
  • Use in your own areas, rendering it impassable and 0 income.
  • Roll for each unit in target area, destroying on a 1-3.