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The Nova Games Edition is the first published version of Axis & Allies.

File:A&A Nova Games Edition-Rules.pdf


The first version of Axis & Allies was published by Nova Games, there are major differences with the later AAC game. Differences from the later games.

  • Map & Setup are different.
  • Sequence of play
    • Purchase units
    • Submarine Combat
    • Sea Movement
    • Submarine Combat
    • Sea Combat
    • Air Movement
    • Land Combat
    • Air units land
    • Land Movement
    • Place Units
    • Collect Income
  • You can't buy units beyond the counter mix
  • Ships can carry any 2 land units
  • Loading of transports or carriers are part of naval movement. It take 1MP for the ship
  • Submarines do not participate in normal naval combat. If surface ships start, pass through or end in area with the subs, the defending subs fire at 2, then surviving surface ships (& carrier-borne aircraft) fire back using their attack strengths. There is only 1 round of combat. Subs do not stop movement or attack each other.
  • The area between Egypt & Trans-Jordan cannot be entered by ships unless both land areas are friendly. You can move directly between the 2 land areas. There is only 1 sea area between Egypt & Trans-Jordan, the line indicates land movement.
  • Ships can't enter the Panama sea zone unless Panama is friendly.
  • AA Guns fire at 3, but only against 1 target. They still can't attack.
  • Air units add 1 to their move if they start on islands.
  • Land battles are not same area. You attack from adjacent areas (including loaded transports). You don't take areas in land combat.
  • There is no bombardment.
  • Strategic bombing can be conducted against any factory. If you remove more than the money on hand, the defender must lose units by value.
  • You capture spaces during land movement. Movement from ships is land movement. You can't enter an enemy-occupied space in land movement, unless it only has AA Guns & Factories.
  • There are no numerical limits on the placement of units. (You may want to prohibit factories in 0 value areas or limit placement to value+1).
  • Fighter can be build directly onto carriers.
  • You can't collect income if your capital is enemy-occupied, otherwise there is no penalty.
  • Pro-neutrals give their income to the named power while neutral
  • Neutrals can be occupied by paying 3. You do not need to stop.
  • Allies have economic victory by controlling 85 at the end of Japan's turn, Axis by controlling 70 at the end of US turn. Either wins immediately by controlling 2 enemy capital.
  • AA Guns and factories can be removed during the buy units phase
  • Costs and income are 100x the values in the later games. Usually this is ignored.

Technology was somewhat different. Rockets had a range of 2. Instead of Heavy Bombers there was the Atomic Bomb. Jets were immune to AA fire.

National Advantages

  • The USSR can move 1 Industrial Complex 1 space per turns.
  • Germany can designate an armor unit as an "SS Panzerkorps", which attacks at 4 and defends at 5. If eliminated the Germans can designate another armor unit next turn.
  • UK infantry defend at 3 in their capital.
  • Japan can conduct 1 kamikaze attack with a fighter each turn. No landing ares is required. Its attack strength is increased to 4. The fighter is always destroyed at the end of combat.
  • The USA can designate 1 amphibious invasion as being led by Marines. All infantry in that battle attack at 2.

The original setup is available at Nova 1942.


Nova Games Edition