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My game group and I get together regularly and once a year we pull out an old favorite, Axis and Allies Annivesary. Each time we play we try to introduce a few new variant rules to try and balance the game out a bit. It seems like each time we play the US player overloads the west front ignoring the Atlantic and tries to overwhelm Germany, meanwhile Russia hangs on for dear life, and Japan runs amoke everywhere. Nothing we have tried in the few past years has helped change this situation, though we still always have fun playing.

Then it hit me, like a tonne of bricks. I think I have found the solution we have been looking for and it is so simple.


1) USA player must split production between the Eastern and Western United States ( theatres ) as equally as possible,

2) The World gameboard no longer wraps around from the edges ( pacific to atlantic ). This effectively forces the US to play/ defend/ attack, on both theatres.