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If you are new to the Axis & Allies Boardgame and unsure exactly how to play, download TripleA and play it. Check the Boardgame Conversions article to find the equivalent of the boardgame you own. The Tutorial will explain what you need to know.

If you are interested in material for Axis & Allies boardgames you can look at all boardgame scenarios or just choose one at random. You could try limiting units to what came in the box. Read the articles on tactics and strategy.

If you are interested in playing the TripleA computer game you will need to download TripleA. The manual can be found on Wikibooks. If you are looking for a scenario on a specific topic, try using the Timeline, which organizes scenarios by the starting year. Look at the complete list of TripleA scenarios or just choose a random TripleA scenario.

If you want to create scenarios for the TripleA computer game check out article on Scenario Design. Read the documentation that comes with the game. The properties list may be of help. Be modest in your first scenario, modify an existing a scenario rather than create a new map from scratch. To find a map, look in the geography category. When you are done, write an article for your scenario and e-mail me the scenario at Scenarios are best handled as zip files. Questions about TripleA should be posted at TripleA Forum

If you want to contribute to the wiki please create an account. If you are posting scenarios read the Scenario Format article. Try to use the existing category structure. Post your scenarios & house rules. Write articles about similar games. Write articles about strategy for specific games. Or expand the existing articles on Strategy, Tactics or Scenario Design. If you contribute, please don't alter existing content except to correct typos, remove spam or update information. Please add, don't subtract.

To see all pages click Special:AllPages. Or just choose a Random Page. Take a look at the category list. If you are interested in new physical pieces and maps see Special:SpecialPages Scenario List



Australia shepherd 1923

Australia 1923

Pic76237 md

Empires of the Middle Ages

Axis and Allies Global 1939-Midnight Express

Axis & Allies Global 1939-Midnight Express

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