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Took some of the best ideas from all the different versions of 1939 and added some of my own. This is a Triple-A variant of 1939 Pact of Steel Big World. It's a revision of the so called 'historical' game, (which is neither historical, nor 1939) Hill's old Advanced fixed lame armour stats, carrier price, and channel access.

(Germany) **Eliminates igoring France and pushing early into russia 1. Added factory in Romania 2. removed forces from libya and polish territories since its 1939 and added then to East/West Germany 3. added cruiser to S atlantic to simulate ship raider Removed transport in Baltic and replaced with destroyer

(Russia) **Expanded production thats more distributed** 1. Factories in Novo and Caucasus 2. Made baltic states neutral

(Italy) **Given more powerful surface fleet but made changes to prevent it steamrolling Afrika so easily** 1. Replaced a fighter with a bomber in sicily 2. removed 2 transports to reflect italian logistical problems in supplying afrika 3. added factory in libya 4. Added a battleship and sub to med to reflect stronger Italian surface fleet 5. removed sub from atlantic

(UK) **Given more of a chance to prevent easier axis naval supremecy** 1. Added battleship off Canadian coast 2. Changed value of S Afrika to 2 instead of 4 and Egypt to 4 3. Made Syria UK controlled since it controlled the canal 4. Took 1 PU point from New Zealand and added to S wales 5. took away cruiser from west med and added to east med

(Japan) **Given bigger carrier force but limted its transport numbers** 1. Added a carrier 2. Added a factory to Shangtung 3. Took away 1 transport 4. Added a sub

(China) 1. Added a fighter 2. Infantry are 2 PU

(USA) 1. Factory in Philippines 2. All mainland USA territory have factories 3. Added a bomber to west usa 4. Changed PU values of its territories 5. Carrier added to Pacific Axisgeneral

Nations: Germans Russians Italians British Japanese Chinese Americans

Units: infantry chineseinfantry armour fighter bomber transport battleship carrier submarine factory aaGun artillery destroyer cruiser