Axis & Allies: Europe - Bknblk1 House Rules (BKNBLK1)

German IC in France / US Capable of Building ICs


Two modifications are proposed. Either have Germany start with an limited IC in France(that is restricted to 3 units) or allow America the capability to purchase ICs. But not both!

The Rules

  • Germany IC in France - It would encourage Germany to be more involved in the Atlantic. The result of this reduces "the stack" and, if allies take France, gives the allies a better foothold to attack Germany further reducing "the stack". *Germany has to spend more money on the west to protect France.
  • US can build ICs - This would encourage America to get into the war quicker by targeting France. Or, America could build an IC in Norway or N. Africa. That could create some interesting twists. No matter how it breaks down it causes Germany to not be able to concentrate on kicking poor Russia around the whole time.

These rules first appeared in Don Rae's Axis and Allies Europe Forum: "Possible Game Fix?" (February 2 2001).