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WWIIv3:'"Bad-Ass"'4 Nation Free For All

Game Version: By: General Zod →Email:

▬► Game Description:

♦ This a 4 nation free for all based on the "WWIIv3" map. The capitals, territory values, canals, national objectives, and technology model are different. So please read game notes below and scan the map well. The core of the MOD is governed by version 3 rules, with the exception of changes listed in game notes. Each nation, New Britain, Germany, Japan & Russia start in their respective capitals, with identical bids and 1 national technology advantage each. The rest of the world is seperated into 2 groups of neutrals. The Green Neutrals (Chinese) hold the very lucrative National Objectives. The Orange Neutrals (True) hold the rest. From there all nations fight it out til a win is declared!

♦ The MOD is designed to give each nation a uniquely challenging, and equal chance at the win. The world is not perfect symmetry, so plan your strategy based on your geographic location, national strengths, and lastly but certainly not least, adjust your tactics as needed to counter your immediate threats and to exploit your enemies weaknesses. If the world were 100% perfectly symmetrical no one would win. So that being said, all forms of diplomatic negotiations are allowed via combinations of the chat function and the game supported diplomatic actions. From a simple agreement and friendly cooperation to non-aggression pacts and alliances of mutual interests. However long term alliances are discouraged in order to keep within the proper spirit of the free for all game concept. Not to mention your so called long term ally will certainly backstab you in the end anyways. There can only be one!

House Rules----

▬► Victory Conditions:

• Victory is achieved by "Projection Of Power" win condition of 10 "Victory Cities" (VC). Your nation must continuously hold at least 10 of the same VC for 1 turn, which basicly means hold the 10 VC until the start your following turn. Also your capital must be 1 of the 10 VC held. The 1st nation to declare 10 VC held for 1 turn, wins! View history to verify win if needed, win is "player enforced".

Note: Any victory conditions other than those listed above must be clearly and unanimously accepted before the game begins. However, if you want to just vary game length and still maintain the best balance integrity, then I recommend changing the bid amount rather than VC victory conditions.

Alternate Way To Play: Try a 2v2 game if you have 4 humans players and want some more variety, or have only 2 to 3 human players and you don't want AI. Pick any 2v2 combination of nations and your team wins if 1 of the 2 nations reach the 10 VC "Projection Of Power". Your nations are not true allies, just team mates. VC are not shared, defending together or entering each others territories is not permitted. Also you cannot attack or take your team mates territories in any way, this includes blitzes. Good coordination is critical to get the win. For this game, I recommend uncheck "use" for Chinese in player selection game setup phase to disable their Chinese reinforcements.

▬► Optional - "Risk" Style Setup Rules:

• Below is a great optional "Risk" style setup in which each player nation starts the game with more owned territories via pre-bid selections. Don't under estimate the importance of these territory selections, they involve strategic decisions that may posess the ability to make or break someones game. This setup usually accelerates the battle action, has the potential of speeding up a victory, and will definately increase early strategy possiblities beyond what is available in a standard game setup. Disclaimer, noobs can create big balance shifts in this setup.

Note: I intend to code the following optional setup into future game versions, but for now players will need to use the game EDIT feature to select territories and make infantry adjustments. Its very easy to do.

• Pre-Bid Territory Selection Rules For 8 PUs Setup

• 1) Before the bid phase begins, each nation picks 8 PUs worth of orange territories, one territory at a time and in following order until done, New Britain, Germany, Japan, Russia.

• 2) Players can pick any combination of orange territories to equal 8 PUs, (e.g. eight 1 PUs ters or two 4 PUs ters). If picking more valuable territories, it will complete your nations picks sooner, while others continue in order til they reach 8 PUs worth.

• 3) Each newly picked orange territory, will recieve a number of free infantry which will be equal to the territory value and the free infantry must go in their corresponding territories only. Each nation will end up with 8 free infantry placed in the corresponding 8 PUs worth of new territories.

• Thats it, your done. Once steps 1 to 3 are completed, the bid phase starts, just follow rules below regarding bid unit placements. Grab a game save here if needed and reload to begin bid phase as normal.

Note: Steps 1 to 3 are done via edit mode, the japs player must do all edits because the japs are 1st in the bid order, also the edits must be done before the bid phase actually begins. It just requires, edit of territory ownerships, add new owners infantry and remove the original owners infantry. So if needed let someone familiar with editing temporarily be the japs player so things go fast and smoothly. Save game and reload it to give japs back to the intented player.

• During the bid phase, you can place land and air bid units in these newly picked territories in addition to the free infantry already there. The number of bid units that can be placed is equal to the territory value (e.g. 3 tanks, 3 artillery in a 6 PUs territory and 1 tank, 1 fighter in a 2 PUs territory).

• During the bid phase, you can place any air or land units in the newly picked territories except for factories which are not allowed during bid phase. Naval bid units are only allowed in the designated seazone next to each capital and capitals have temporary unlimited unit placement during the bid phase.

• During the bid phase, regarding New Britains Bunker tech, a maximum of 1 bunker per newly picked territory is allowed. It counts as 1 bid unit towards the total number of bid units allowed to be placed in the territory, and is in addition to the free infantry that are already there.

▬► Victory Cities List:

• There is a total of 28 "Victory Cities" throughout the world. VC territories have yellow stars in them and if viewed with the territory tab and/or "I or V" keyboard shortcuts, the info will display "Is a Victory Location".

• Borneo and Sikang are exceptions to the above. The yellow star is located underneath the land units, which makes it is very hard to see the yellow stars, but rest assured they are VC.

• France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Norway, Poland, Ukraine, Caucasus, Russia, Karelia, Archangel, Egypt, South Africa, Madagascar, Persia, India, East Indies, Borneo, Australia, Japan, Manchuria, Kwangtung, Sikang, Chinghai, Eastern USA, Western USA, Panama, Brazil

Note: If you wanna get crazy, play till all nations fall or simply concede to your dominance, you'll be looking at a 50+ round game.

▬► Neutrals:

• Set Chinese Neutrals (green territories) and True Neutrals (orange territories) to "Hard AI" and "Do Nothing AI" respectively, so someone needs to host to do this.

• All green territorries (Chinese) make-up 12 national objectives, see national objectives list further below for details.

• Chinese Neutrals (green territories) may build up to 3 infantry (AI reinforcements) per turn, per territoy up to a maximum limit of 18 infantry in a single territory. All Chinese units are static defenders only, currently no movements or attacks of any kind are allowed.

Note: You can disable Chinese AI reinforcemnets by unchecking the "use" box located next to China in the player selection phase of game setup, however you still must select an "AI type".

• True Neutrals (orange) are only static defenders and do nothing else.

• Neutral territory (green & orange) flyovers by enemy planes and rockets is allowed.

▬► Bidding Order:

• Japan
• Germany
• Russia
• New Britain

• Set Bids to 450PUs for approx. 10 to 20 round game.
• Set Bids to 350PUs for approx. 10 to 20+ round game. - Default
• Set Bids to 250PUs for approx. 20 to 30+ round game.

Note: Game lengths are still mostly dependant on players agressiveness and overall strategies.

Note: The higher the bids go beyond above listed, the higher the tendency to skew intended game dynamics and balance. Play testing suggests the default Bid is currently ideal. However your welcome to experiment.

▬► Turn Order After Bid:

• New Britain
• Germany
• Japan
• Russia
• Chinese AI Reinforcements

▬► Diplomacy:

Costs 1PUs to propose, 2PUs upkeep per turn, for both nations.

Can only be used if current status is "WAR" or "CEASE FIRE SA". Allows "WAR", "NA PACT I,II,II OR MD TREATY I,II,III.

Rockets and air may flyover other nation, while in this status.

Costs 2PUs to propose, 4PUs upkeep per turn, for both nations.

Can only be used if current status is "WAR VIA SNEAK ATTACK". Allows "CEASE_FIRE" only as a cool down period.

Rockets and air may flyover other nation, while in this status.

Costs 1PUs to propose, 3PUs upkeep per turn, for both nations.

Expires automaticly after 1, 2 or 3 turns and status reverts to "CEASE FIRE".

Can only be used if current status is "CEASE FIRE" or "WAR". Allows "WAR VIA SNEAK ATTACK" and "MD TREATY I,II,III".

Participants can not declare "WAR" on each other for 1, 2 or 3 turns, unless it's a "WAR VIA SNEAK ATTACK" which costs 25PUS.

Rockets and air may flyover other nation, while in this status.

Note this does not make your nations allied.

Costs 5PUs to propose, 15PUs upkeep per turn, for both nations.

Expires automaticly after 1, 2 or 3 turns and status reverts to "CEASE FIRE".

Can only be used if current status is "CEASE FIRE" or "MD TREATY I,II,III". Allows "WAR VIA SNEAK ATTACK".

Participants can not declare "WAR" on each other for 1, 2 or 3 turns, unless it's a "WAR VIA SNEAK ATTACK" which costs 35PUS.

Rockets and air may flyover other nation, while in this status.

Allows all land, air and naval units to move into each others territories and seazones. Allows use of each others canals. Allows defending together if at war with same nation. Your nations are allied.

Costs 0PUs to declare, 0PUs upkeep per turn, for both nations.

Can only be used if current status is "CEASE FIRE" or "CEASE FIRE SA". Allows "CEASE FIRE " and "NA PACT I,II,II"

Costs 25PUs or 35PUs to declare, 0PUs upkeep per turn, for both nations.

Can only be used if current status is "NON-AGGRESSION PACT I,II,II" or "MD TREATY I,II,III". Allows "CEASE FIRE SA".

All pacts and treaties begin and expire on the proposing nations turn and they remove option of unpenalized "WAR" while in the agreement.

Multi turn "NA PACT"/"MD TREATY" can also be used to solidify already good relations or help prevent a opponent from winning game or to help you win game!

The "Game Menu" -> "Show Politics Panel" provides current diplomatic status for all nations. Format is "proposing nation" -> "type of agreement" -> "accepting nation" x "number of nation-turns remaining untill expiration".

There are two types of diplomacy fees. A one time proposal fee taken immediately from the proposing nation only. And a upkeep fee taken from both nations, and on every turn that the status is active, these fees are taken during the collect income phases.

None of the diplomatic actions are meant to be permanent or binding. A nation may sneak attack you while in a pact or treaty if he pays a penalty 25 or 35 PUs. It's up to you to decide how trustworthy someone is and what their true intentions and motives are. Any, and or all chat agreements, conditions, deals etc.. are absolutely not binding either. In the end there is always, 3 losers and only 1 victor!.

▬► Sequence of Phases in a Turn:

Collect Income - This phase is a major change. It requires you to hold conquered territories and/or national objectives for 1 turn in order to collect PUs for them.
Note: Dis-regard the "end of turn" text in the economic report prompt in older engine versions (pre.7342). The prompt functions as the start of players turn.Research Technology - Directly select the technology you desire. Required Tech Tokens are purchased during the purchase phase. Ability to directly select techs should allow you to build an army and/or strategy around a technology with absolute certainty.
Diplomacy - Preform diplomatic actions with other nations.
Combat Move - This is combat move 1 of 2. Do some, all, or none of your combat moves here. Knowing exactly what your attacks will look like before purchase should simplify overall planning and reduce mistakes.
Repair Infrastructure - Repair any strategic bombing and/or rocket damages to factories, bunkers, etc...
Purchase - Buy all game units here, also buy Tech Tokens here for use during research technology phase.
Combat Move - This is combat move 2 of 2. Complete any remaining combat moves you may have.
Fire Rockets - If you have Rocket Tech, choose targets for rockets and launch them.
Combat - All battles you just initiated take place.
Non Combat Move - Move all game units with any remaining legal movements.
Activate Technology - If any technology was researched earlier, then it activates here.
Place and End Turn - Place your purchased units and your end turn.

▬► Technology:

• New technology model enables you to confidently plan your strategies by allowing you to directly choose the technologies that you want. This model also eliminates 2 potentialy frustrating factors from game, unlucky/lucky tech rolls and tech spamming.

• Tech Tokens are now purchased during the "Purchase" phase and all tokens get used on your following turn during the "Research Technology" phase. Tokens are only sold by the "6 pack" at cost of 40PUs per "6 pack". One "6 pack" is a gauranteed success for one tech.

• Only one technology per turn is allowed and all of your tokens get used during the "Research Technology" phase, so dont buy more than one "6 pack" at time.

"Technology Developement - Bomber Trifecta Restriction" - Is a selectable game setup option which no longer allows any 1 nation to obtain all 3 air techs, heavy bombers, paratroopers and longrange techs. Basicly if you develop heavy bombers you cant develop paratroopers and vice versa, so pick wisely. Longrange can be developed with either heavy bomber or paratroopers.

Note: "Technology Developement - Bomber Trifecta Restriction" is active with default options settings.

"Technology Developement - Activates On Turn 6" - Is a selectable game setup option which disallows new tech developement until beginning of round 6. This allows national tech advantages to play larger role in early rounds, also further limits tech spamming.

Note: Using "Edit" function for techs may not function for some techs. Depending on which tech and which phase it currently is, the tech may activate on next turn, due to triggers. De-activating will not work at all for some techs.

"National Tech Advantages" - Regardless of above listed tech options, each nation still starts with 1 activated technology as listed below.

British - BunkersGermans - Increased FactoryJapanese - MarinesRussians - Mechanized Infantry

▬► Technology Developement List:

upgrade all subs to attack @ 3
upgrade all fighters to attack @ 4
reduced cost for all naval units, battleships = -3PUs, carriers = -3PUs, cruisers = -2PUs, s_destroyers = -2PUs, destroyers = -1PUs, transport = -1PUs, submarine = -1PUs (Destroyer Advancements Tech reduces destroyer cost by an additional -2PUs)
upgrade all AAguns to defend @ 2 vs aircraft
upgrade all aircraft by range increase +1
upgrade all bombers to attack @ 6 with 1 die, strategic bombing @ 2-7 damage
upgrade all artillery, +1 attack support for up to 2 units, infantry or marine(s), when attacking together
upgrade all AAguns to conduct rocket attacks/strategic bombing @ 1-2 damage per rocket, unlimited rockets can hit the same factory's production, rocket range @ 3 spaces, only 1 rocket may launch from a territory per turn even if the territory contains multiple rockets, AAgun cannot move if rockets launched, same applies to damage bunkers
upgrade all bombers to transport 1 infantry or marine into combat, bomber attacks the same target where paratrooper is dropped
upgrade all factories to produce 3 extra units in each and reduce cost of new factories by -10PUs, only works in territories with production value 3 and up, repairs are normal cost 1PUs for 1 damage, Once damage equals or falls below territory PUs value, all production including bonus, is lost until repaired. Maximum damage limit is double territory PUs value, max damage does not destroy factory. For example, France is 12PUs territory value, maximum damage is 24. If damage is 12 or more, remaining production is 0. If damage is 11, remaining production is 1+3bonus = 4 total. If damage is 10, remaining production is 2+3bonus = 5 total and so on.
upgrade economy to collect 4-16 extra PUs during collect income phase of each turn, (4 x 1d4)
if paired with 1 unused tank, 1 inf can go 2 movement, on combat, blitz or non-combat
gain access to a new unit, attack = 2, defence = 2, movement = 1, cost = 4PUs, transport cost = 2, special = +1 attack on amphibious assault, artillery supportable, can be used as paratrooper or mechanized infantry if you have the techs
gain access to a new unit, hitpoints = 2 (repairs at end of turn or same as bb option), attack = 0, defence = 4, movement = 0, cost = 10PUs, special = +1 defence support for up to 3 units, infantry, artillery or marine (support ability does not stack). can be damaged by strategic bombing/rockets, max damage = 8, can be destroyed if max damage reached, damage repair cost = 1PUs (1PUs repairs all damage, still operational while damaged), max placement per territory per turn = 1, max total limit per territory = 5 , can be placed with out factory, if placed in territory with factory it does not use production slot
gain access to a new class of destroyer, "Swift_Destroyer", can transport 1 infantry or marine, bombards @ 2, attack = 2, defence = 2, movement = 3, cost = 10PUs. Also reduced cost for regular destroyer by -2PUs. (Ship Yards Tech reduces s_destroyer and destroyer cost by an additional -2PUs and -1PUs respectively)

▬► Unit Changes from V3 Rules:

AA Gun - Can move 2 spaces and cost increased from 6PUs to 8PUs.
Bomber - Cost increased from 12PUs to 14PUs.
Cruisers - Have a transport capacity of 1 infantry or marine.
Transports - Do not have to unload all units during combat move/noncombat move (i.e. they may unload 1 unit and leave 1 unit aboard). You may never unload a single transport to multiple territories during a single turn because the transport action is considered finished after it unloads desired unit(s) to the single territory. Also any remaining movement are disallowed after unload.

▬► Factory Rules:

• New factory builds are limted to 2 maximum and cost 25 PUs each. A nation should never have more than 3 factories on the board at any given time. This number includes your original factory in your capital.

• Captured factories are automaticly destroyed. If your factory happens to be destroyed, you may immediately build another factory on your turn in another location to satisfy the above limit.

• You may demolish your own unuseful factories excluding original one in capital, during the purchase phase of your turn via "player enforced" EDIT. You may demolish and build factories on the same turn if you are below the max limit of 3. However, if you are already at the 3 factory limit you cannot demolish and build factories on the same turn.

• You cannot place new naval units in hostile sea zones and all enemy naval units are considered hostile. This option currently can't be defined further to exclude naval units, for instance transports or subs, so we just deal with it.

• Factories may be built anywhere, even in a territory with only 1 PUs value .
• Maximum production in a factory is identical to territory PUs value.
• There is a 1 factory per territory limit.

▬► Canals - Straits - Channels - Seazone Restrictions:

# "Panama Canal" Connection
1 hold Panama sz19 to sz20
# "Suez Canal" Connection
2 hold Egypt and Trans-Jordan sz15 to sz34
# "Finnish Straits" Connection
3 hold Finland sz3 to sz4
# "English Channel" Connection
4 hold United Kingdom sz6 to sz7
# "Seazone Restriction 1" (Malaca Straits) Connection
5 is permanently closed to all sea and air traffic (Thailand) sz36 to sz37

Note: You can't use above on the same turn that conquered it on.

▬► Capitals Pillaging Bonus:

• When you occupy an enemy capital, you immediately take any money they may have in the bank.

• A pillaging bonus of 65 PUs per occupied capital is given in addition to any money robbed from their national banks. This represents a quick pillaging of the city and is given after all of your possible combat is completed. But before the end of your turn.

• Each nation may pillage any given capital, only once per game. However a capital can be pillaged by another nation, even if it has previously been pillaged.

Note: Albeit with this bonus, you theoreticly can collect an income while your capital is occupied. You still can't spend the income if you don't hold your own capital.

▬► British, German, Japanese & Russain National Objectives Bonus List:

Note: All nations currently have the exact same national objectives, listed below.

# American Theatre Value
1 "Panama" 5 PUs
# European Theatre Value
2 "United Kingdom : Eire : Greenland : Iceland" 5 PUs
3 "Poland : Bulgaria Romania : Czechoslovakia Hungary" 5 PUs
4 "Ukraine : Baltic States : East Poland" 5 PUs
5 "Norway : Finland : Sweden" 5 PUs
# Pacific Theatre Value
6 "Formosa : Okinawa : Iwo Jima : Wake Island : Caroline Islands" 5 PUs
7 "Midway : New Guinea : Solomon Islands : Philippine Islands : Hawaiian Islands" 5 PUs
8 "Australia : New Zealand" 5 PUs
# Asian Theatre Value
9 "Chinghai : Ningxia : Sikang : Hupeh : Yunnan" 5 PUs
# Middle Eastern Theatre Value
10 "Trans-Jordan : Saudi Arabia : Persia" 5 PUs
# African Theatre Value
11 "Morocco Algeria : Libya : French Equatorial Africa : French West Africa : Belgian Congo" 5 PUs
12 "Anglo-Egypt Sudan : Italian Africa : Rhodesia : Angola : Mozambique" 5 PUs

▬► Other Stuff:

• Use LowLuck, "Projection of Power" win condition (10 victory cities) and no new tech developement for the most balanced game. Game balance integrity remains reasonable with "dice" and new "Tech Developement - Activates On Turn 6" & "Technology Developement - Bomber Trifecta Restriction" options checked, but if you like bigger balance swings, feel free to experiment.

• Try to limit your turn to average 7.5 minutes, so do the majority of your plotting, calculating and negotiating on others turns.

Playing with AI controlled nations works ok if you use the following suggestions. Give the AI nations 10PUs "AI Bonus Income Flate Rate", via options. Edit in, Artillery Tech for AI land powers and SuperSubs Tech for AI sea powers in addition to what they already have. The tech edits must be done during the bid phase before the actual round 1 to avoid tech trigger errors. Human players should agree to an AI friendly bid purchase, meaning units that AI actually uses well. Place the AI's bid and then grab a save and reload so you can set "Hard AI" as in control of AI nation. Lastly the best nations to be AI controlled in order are Russia, Germany or New Britain, and Japan (AI seems the worst for Japs). Someone needs to host to use AIs because bots dont allow AI useage.

• If someone needs to leave, flakes-out or rage-quits before game is decided and/or agreed play time expires, etc... Then save game til another time, substitute the player, or use the above listed suggestions with "Hard AI", another less appealing option is use "Do Nothing AI", remaining players decide. Unfortunately this happens alot, but on brightside if it was a flake-out/rage-quit you'll know for next time if the player is worthwhile.

▬► "EDIT" Etiquette:

• Editing movement related "game engine bugs" and following the "House Rules" is simply required to play.

• Editing player mistakes is discretionary and requires an unanimous vote by all players to be allowed. Please dont get too mad if you don't get your "EDIT". I suggest the "Rule of Thumb" be used in addition.

"Rule of Thumb" - In my opinion if its still the players turn and no combat rolls have taken place, then the player should always be allowed an "EDIT". It happens to everyone and will eventually happen to you as well. However once actual combat rolls take place, things get messy because it raises all kinds of "what if" questions, so in this case to avoid arguments, vote on it. If the players turn has already ended, vote on it.

▬► Credits:

• General Zod - MOD creator
• Prastle - playtesting/ideas
• TripleA Community - playtesting/ideas

▬► Evolution: Circa early 2016

▬► Send Suggestions & Bug Reports To:


▬► Credits for all pre-Zod work on this map/mod/xml/etc... :

• Triplelk Jason Clark - baseline
• Zero Pilot Mike McCaughey - integration
• ComradeKev - custom code and rules
• Seidelin - playtesting
• Talibush - made previous FFA MOD of ww2v3

Nations: British Germans Japanese Russians Chinese Neutral Envoy_I Envoy_II Envoy_III
Units: infantry armour fighter bomber transport battleship carrier submarine factory aaGun artillery destroyer s_destroyer cruiser marine bunker

Bad=Ass 4-Nation FFA