A utility that can be accessed directly from the TripleA program. It runs through the a possible battle a player-selected number of times. It can be invoked at any time by pressing Ctrl-B. It automatically loads the units in the territory where the cursor is as the defender. If invoked during combat movement, it will load attacking forces as well. You can adjust the force levels manually. The default number of runs is 5000 (however 100 runs is sufficient).

The battle calculator always assumes a fight to the death.

In face to face play, there are 2 quick ways of evaluating superiority.

  • Count unit at its combat factor+# of hits to kill i.e. infantry counts as 2 on attack and 3 on defense.
  • Multiple total combat factor by total number of hits to kill

In either case, adjust for the likely result of AA fire first.

Table of chance of success with N infantry against 1 infantry

AttackersAttacker Win%Draw%Defender Win%Attacker LossesDefender Losses