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- BattlePlan Magazine #3 -

The following rules modifications and additions are intended to add more balance and fun to your Axis and Allies game.

Production Limits

An area with a factary cannot produce more units whose total production value is greater than four times that of the area itself.

Thus, an American factory in China (IPC-value of 2) could receive either two infantry (6 IPCs), or one infantry and one armor (8), or one AA-gun (8) and one infantry assuming they cost the Americans full value.

An area with no IPC-value is considered to have a value for production purposes of 1. So a factory in an area with no IPC-value can produce 4 IPCs worth of units.

Scorched Earth

Factories and AA-guns may be voluntarily destroyed during the owner's "Purchase Units" phase of his turn.


Bombers may carry (with a four area range; subject to AA-gun fire during the combat movement segment only) one infantry unit and drop them by airborne assault into an area. Such dropped units have a first combat round only value of two, and are treated as regular combat thereafter.

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These rules first appeared in Battleplan Magazine #3.