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Big World 2 : Balance of Power

Version 6.1 Upgraded? Check the version history for changes!

Summer, 1942. The second world war is about to enter its most critical phase. On the Eastern Front, in North Africa, and in the Pacific, the Allies desparately tried to overturn the tide of Axis advance.

Game Design by Prussia Engine Support by Veqryn Relief Tiles and Map Skins by Prussia and Pulicat




Ability to switch on/off options such as v3 transport/sub rules, national advantages, national objectives(details below).

Chinese man power - China can purchase units using PU like other nations, AND obtain 1 inf per 2 territories held after combat. Inf may be placed anywhere up to 3 per territory, but all other units must be placed at a factory. This reflects China's manpower and lack of industrial resources. Chinese units may move outside its borders.

Tactical Bomber - This unit has 4 attack 3 defence and 4 movement. At a cost of 11, its function is precisely the name suggests, for ground support or costal assault on shipping. The bomber's attack strength is reduced to 2 and is better used for strategic bombing at a cost of 11 IPCs.

Strategic Bombing - SBR can now be defended by air in addition to AA gun. A one-round air combat precedes all SBR, in which fighters hit at 2 and tac bombers at 1. Surviving bombers proceed to SBR and .

Capital Ships Placement - Battleships and Carriers may only be placed in specific territories. This reflects that only the homeland shipyards have the capabilities of building these capital ship. SZ with a red 'X' are reminders that capital ships cannot be placed there. Capital ships can only be placed in seazones with a white dock symbol. The complete list is SZ 9 North Atlantic:SZ 10 North Sea:SZ 11 West Baltic Sea:SZ 12 East Baltic Sea:SZ 16 North Atlantic:SZ 17 English Channel:SZ 25 Adriatic Sea:SZ 24 Tyrrhenian Sea:SZ 18 West Atlantic:SZ 91 East Pacific:SZ 73 East China Sea:SZ 74 Sea of Japan:SZ 86 West Pacific.

Carrier-Fighter Placement - Any combination of carrier-fighter placement is allowed: Placing New Fighters on New Carriers, Placing New Fighters on Existing carriers, Landing Existing Fighters on New Carriers, Moving Existing Fighters from Factory to New Carriers

Axis Allies
Germany Britain
Italy China
Japan United States

(Nations listed in their Turn Order. Alternatively, refer to the "Stats" tab.)




v3 rules vs revised rules - changing this rule affects unit properties of submarines, transports and the initial desposition of units in several territories. Can be modified by moving the TICK during Setting Option phase.

v3 rules vs revised rules
feature v3 rules revised rules
Transport and submarines rules are similar to these popular maps... World War II v3 1941, Big World : 1942 v3 rules World War II revised, New World Order
Transport cost 7 8
Transport defense 0 1
Transport can be take as casualty No Yes
Transport can block surface ships No Yes
Submarine cost 7 8
Submarine may submerge before combat if no destroyer is present Yes Yes
Submarine can block surface ships No No
Submarine may be killed by air units if no destroyer is present No Yes

National objectives - gives nations extra money if certain lands were conquered (Detail see below). Can be disabled by unchecking National Objectives. They are nearly identical to those found in Big World : 1942 v3 rules

National advantages - give each nation unique abilities (Detail see below). Can be disabled by moving the TICK during Setting Option phase.

Technology - Improves certain units for the rest of the game (Detail see below). Can be disabled by unchecking Tech Development.



Land Units
Unit name att def move cost size special abilities
Infantry 1 2 1 3 2 Supportable by Artillery, Transportable by mech inf and para tech
Marine 2 2 1 4 2 Supportable by Artillery, Transportable by mech inf and para tech
Artillery 2 2 1 4 3 Can support infantry, marine and halftracks
Halftrack 1 3 3 5 3 Can blitz, can transport, supported by armour and artillery
Armour 3 3 2 6 3 canBlitz, can support halftrack
Tiger 4 4 2 - 5 Germany only, cannot buy, 2 hit, repair at the end of the round
Bunker 4 4 0 - N/A cannot buy, 2 hit, repair at the end of the round
AAGun 0 1 1 5 3 isAA
Factory 0 0 0 15 N/A isFactory, can be strategically bombed
Unit name att def move cost size special abilities

Air Units
Unit name att def move cost special abilities
Fighter 3 4 4 10 Can land on carrier, air defend at 2
Tactical Bomber 4 3 4 11 Can land on carrier, air defend at 1
Bomber 2 1 6 11 can do SBR, can use paratrooper tech
Paradrop 0 0 6 8 Can transport infantry or marine with paratrooper tech
Unit name att def move cost special abilities

Naval Units
Unit name att def move cost special abilities
kamikaze 2 0 1 - Japan only, die after 1 round of fire, can block seazone
Transport 0 0 2 7 5 Transport capacity, cannot defend and cannot be taken as casualty.
Submarine 2 2 2 7 Can submerge, first strike
Destroyer 2 2 2 8 anti-submarine
Cruiser 3 3 2 11 Can bombard at 3
Carrier 1 2 2 14 Transport up to 2 air units
Mega Carrier 1 3 2 18 Transport up to 3 air units, 2 hit, USA only
Battleship 4 4 2 20 Can bombard at 4, 2 hit, repairs at the end of the round
Unit name att def move cost special abilities




To enable Technology, select "Tech Development" in "Game Options" prior to the beginning of the game.

Technology List
Tech Type Tech Name Description
Air Advances Long Range Air 1 All air units +1 movement
Air Advances Long Range Air 2 All air units additional +1 movement
Air Advances Jet Power Fighter and Tactical Bomber gain +1 att +1 def
Air Advances Heavy Bomber Bomber attack at 4 and roll 2d6 during SBR
Land Advances Paratroopers Inf/marines may be paradropped
Land Advances AA Radar AA gun hit on a roll of 2 and +1 to air defense of fighters
Land Advances Improved Artillery Artillery supports 3 inf
Land Advances Mechanized infantry Halftracks can carry inf/marines
Naval Advances Super subs Subs +1 attack
Naval Advances Improved Bombard Destroyer may bombard at 2, cruisers at 4 and battleships at 5
Naval Advances Shipyards Reduced cost of naval units
Naval Advances Convoys Battleships, destroyers and cruisers +1 def
Production Advances Rockets Advance AA gun can fire rockets
Production Advances Propaganda Place 3 free inf in capital per turn
Production Advances War Bonds Random 2d6 income per turn
Production Advances Increased Factory Factories can place more units, repair cost is halved.

Tech Tokens
Nation Token Cost More likely to obtain
Germany 5 jet power, super sub, mechanized infantry, rockets advance
Britain 5
Italians 8
Japanese 6
China 10
United States 4
Russia 5 Improved Artillery, Increased Factory


National Objectives


National Objectives give each nation additional income should certain objectives are achieved. To enable National Objectives, select "National Objectives" in "Game Options" prior to the beginning of the game.

National Objectives
Nation Value Condition
Russia 5 no non-Soviet Allied units on Russian territories and Soviets control Archangel
Russia 5 Soviets control 5 in 7 of: Novgorod, Western Russia, Southern Russia, Baltic States, Belorussia, Ukraine, Eastern Poland
Russia 5 Soviets control 4 of: Norway, Finland, Western Poland, Hungary-Romania, Austria-Czechoslovakia, Eastern Balkans
Germany 5 Axis control all of: France, Low Countries, Western Germany, Eastern Germany, Western Poland, Austria- Czechoslovakia, Hungary-Romania
Germany 5 Germany control all of: Baltic States, Eastern Poland, Belorussia, Ukraine
Germany 5 Germans control one of Leningrad, Moscow or Stalingrad
Britain 5 Allies control all of: Eastern Canada, Egypt, Bombay, New South Wales, Southern Africa
Britain 5 Allies control 1 of: France, Vichy France, Western Balkans, Greece
Britain 5 Allies control 2 of: Iwo Jima, Northern Japan, Southern Japan, Okinawa, Chosen, Northern Manchukuo, Taiwan
Italy 5 no Allied surface ships in Mediteranean and axis control all of: Italy, Sicily, Greece, Western Balkans, Morocco, Algeria, Libya
Italy 5 Axis control 4 of: Egypt, Syria, France, Vichy France, Gibraltar
China 5 Allies control all of: Northern Manchukuo, Chosen, Shantung, Kwangtung
Japan 5 Axis control all of: Northern Manchukuo, Chosen, Shantung, French Indo-China, Taiwan
Japan 5 Axis control 2 of: Hawaiian Islands, Midway Island, New South Wales, Queensland, Bombay, Calcutta
Japan 5 Axis control 7 in 10 of: Kwangtung, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Celebes, North Philippines, South Philippines, New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Okinawa
USA 5 Allies control 5 territories of US main land (excluding Alaska)
USA 5 Allies control France and Vichy France
USA 5 Allies control all of: Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Sicily
USA 5 Allies control North and South Philippines
USA 5 Allies control 6 of 8 Islands: Hawaiian Islands, Midway Island, Wake, Solomon Islands, Marshall Islands, Guam, New Guinea, Gilbert Islands


National Advantages


National Advantages give each nation have unique units and techs. National Advantages are different from National Objectives. To enable National Objectives, select both "Use Politics" and "Use Triggers" in "Game Options" prior to the beginning of the game.

National Advantages
Nation Advantage Description
Russia Russian Winter Once during the game, the Russian player may declare a severe Russian Winter. Until his next combat move, no German or Italian forces may enter or attack Russian territory. The declaration is done by moving the "Russian Winter" unit out of Siberia to any of the adjacent Russian territory.
Russia Conscription Russia obtains a free infantry in each of Baltic States, Belorussia, or Ukraine if it controls it after combat
Russia Japanese Neutrality Japan and Russia are neutral at the start of the game. Russia may declare war on Japan at any time. Japan may only declare war on Russia if either: A) Japan conquers the Chinese Capital, Western Sinkiang B) Japan conquers two of India, Austrialian or Hawaii C) Russia opens its borders and allows Allied units on Russian Soil.
Germany Rockets Advance Germany activates Rockets advance by the end of round 3.
Germany Tiger Tank One free tiger tank is automatically placed in Western Germany if the factory is in German hands. Tiger tanks cannot be purchased in any other way
Germany Wolfpacks Germany receives one free submarine placed at the end of its turn wherever the "wolfpack" unit is. The Wolfpack unit has properties of a submarine.
Britain Radar Warning British starts the game with Radar tech.
Britain Naval Dominance British starts the game with shipyards tech.
Japan Battlefleet Japanese battleships may provide support for 3 other warships (battleship, cruiser, destroyer) during an attack.
Japan Dug-In Japan receives 4, 3, 2, 1 bunkers respectively in Southern Japan, Taiwan, Okinawa and Iwo Jima at the start of the game
Japan Kamikaze Japan places 2 kamikazes SZ 73 East China Sea per turn.
Japan Tokyo Express Japanese destroyers gain the ability to transport 1 infantry or 1 marine.
USA Tech Funds USA receives 1 free tech token every round prior to tech phase.
USA Essex Class Carriers USA may build two-hit carriers at cost of 18 with 3 defence and can carry 3 aircrafts
USA B29 Superfortress USA starts the game with heavy bombers tech
USA War Economy USA receives permanent PU bonus of 2 per round, up to a total of 10 per round. So, US gets +2 in round 1, +4 in round 2 etc and +10 in round 5 or later.




Strategical Hints for Beginners

  • Axis is easier to play due to fewer logistical concerns. However, advanced Allied players can fight the Axis to a standstill in all threatres.
  • Nations in increasing complexity: China, Italy, Russia, Germany, Japan, USA, Britain
  • Mastery of the units is crucial. Different units are needed for different tasks. Inf(antry) are the best value unit in terms of raw power and trading. Armour give the most punch. At sea subs are the most economical, but does not protect trasnports. Aircraft carriers are the most flexible and threatens the most area.
  • General Strategy: Germany can single-handed defeat Russia if the Western Allies cannot adaquately support Russia or threaten Germany. The combined power of UK and US is usually not enough to conquer Germany without Russia's help. Japan needs to conquer UK colonies quickly and hold out as long as possible if US goes PAC.
  • Russia Strategy: Russia should immediately take back all territories adjacent to its factories. A big enough South Russia stack may facilitate the capture of Ukraine and Belarus, giving Russia +5 objective. After round 1 Russia should start producing maximum possible infantry. Use of winter could be tactical to trap a major German stack, or strategically take and hold a vital territory. Russia should obtain factory tech no later than Round 4 to reduce the effect of German rockets.
  • German Strategy: Inflict maximum damage on the UK fleet in Round 1. Naval strategy is not recommended, since it's an uneven trade with the British who has shipyards. Transporting units to Africa can help Italians securing Africa. Germany should also produce maximum units possible and obtain mechanized infantry as soon as possible and outmanouvre the Russians on the Eastern Front. Head-on attack are usually not possible against advanced players. Keep fighters in Germany to defend SBR.
  • UK Strategy: Early on, UK should try to limit the activities of Italian navy. India is the key to the empire, so 3 land units per turn is generally produced there. UK should seek opportunity to severely maul the Italian fleet. If USA goes pacific, UK's amphibious aims should be inflicing max damage on the defenders instead of trying to hold European territories. Marines are particularly effective at this task.
  • Italians Strategy: Early on, Italians should ensure that its fleet is preserved, even at the expense of slower progress in North Africa. Should Italy lose its fleet, the best course of action is to spam infantry for "Fortress Europe" instead of trying to challenge the superior UK navy. If Italians are successful in Egypt, an factory there could help Axis defending Africa and conquering the middle east.
  • Chinese Strategy: China has many options. It could get help from Russians and try to hold Manchukuo. (China can place inf anywhere!) China could get help from UK and try to hold indo-china. Holding Szechwan will give China the potential to hit 3 more territories. China should preserve its men in stacks of 20+, making it costly for the Japanese advance. China should delay the Japanese for as long as possible before slowly retreating towards central Asia.
  • Japanese Strategy: For Round 1, Japan should attack SZ 88 unless there's a good reason not to, such as the destruction of the bulk of the Chinese forces. Japan should use Manchuria as a sprinboard to invade China or Russia. If USA goes PAC, an effective counter measure is building many air units and a few submarines. Japan should use the flexibility of its carriers and submarines to prevent US advance. If USA goes Europe First, Japan should build factories in Chinese mainland and force the British out of India.
  • USA Strategy: Two-ocean navy usually does not work. US should concentrate on 1 threatre until either Japan or Germany has permanently lost offensive power. If USA Goes Atlantic, it is recommended not to mass transport until all submarines are cleared; If USA goes Pacific, don't buy transport until Japanese fleet is about to be neutralized. In either strategy, sending bombers to SBR Germany would cause a heavy strain in German resources. Ensure that a sound convoy system is in place in the atlantic to avoid unnecessary delays in transporting troops.
  • Tactics: Try to achieve national objectives, which are often coinciding with strategic areas on the map. Before attacking a territory, check to see whether the main attacking force could survive the enemy counter attack. Before making a naval landing, check if the supporting fleet will survive enemy surface, sub and aerial assault. If the enemy can recapture, sacrificing valuable units (in particular transports) for a temporary objective is highly discouraged.




Thanks to the following contributors

  1. Prussia for making Big World 2 and updating the game since 2010
    # Veqryn for engine support and providing examples of xml code
    # Pulicat for making relief tiles for the seazones
    # erik542 for significant amount of playtesting and balancing
    # RolfLarsson for maintaining the map depot and debugging
    # Hepster for providing assistance in debugging
    # Sieg for style and design of game notes
    # Asfa for playtesting and balancing
    # Imbaked for playtesting
    # lacj31 for playtesting
    # mokox for playtesting
    # nato for playtesting
    # Silverbullet for playtesting
    # Almost last, surely not least, thx to Larry Harris for A&A
    # And finally, thx to the pleasant community as a whole, and specifically to all the Big World 2 fans who play and support this map

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