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Play this version as Allies against an Axis AI. This version restricts unit purchases on the Axis force to allow the AI more optimized buying.

Created By: Kalar Special Thanks: Rolf Larsson for many cross-references from his map, Total World War. I recommend you check it out.

A modification of the Big World 1942 map. Adds Finland, Italy, and Romania to the Axis and Australia and Canada to the Allies. Finland, Karelia, Hungary-Romania, Balkans, and Italy have all been broken up into different regions. Victory cities have been added to Southwestern US, Southern Brazil, Romania and Finland. Region PU values have been modified so that there are no regions worth 0, and many other regions have had their PU values increased. Increased neutral resistance added accordingly. Completely overhauls unit balance, with the introduction of several new units.

Tech is not implemented as of now. Note that the following chart includes Paratroopers and Air Transports, which are not implemented as of yet due to multiple glitches.


All units operate on a D12 system.

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Unit Attack Defense Movement Cost TransportSize Specials/Notes
Light Infantry     2      3        1      3           2 -
Medium Infantry     4      4        1      4           2 -
Mechanized Infantry     3      3        2      4           3 Can blitz.
Airborne Infantry     2      4        1      4           2 Can be transported by air.
Heavy Infantry     3      5        1      5           2 Gives two Light, Medium, Mechanized, or Airborne Infantry +1 Attack & Defense.
Artillery     4      3        1      5           3 Gives three Light, Medium, Mechanized, Airborne, or Heavy Infantry +1 Attack & Defense.
Light Armour     7      5        2      6           3 Can blitz.
Heavy Armour     7      7        1      10           5 Two hit-points.
AAGun     0      0        0      5           3 Anti Aircraft Gun, rolls at 2.
Bunker     0      7        0      -           - Two hit-points. Gives +3 Defense to one Light, Medium, Mechanized, or Heavy Infantry. Cannot be purchased or transported.
Naval Fighter     4      4        2      6           - One Carrier Cost. Supports one Carrier with +2 Attack & +4 Defense. Gains +2 Movement when starting on a Carrier.
Fighter     6      8        4      9           - Two Carrier Cost. Supports one Tactical Bomber with +2 Attack.
Tactical Bomber     8      4        4      11           - Two Carrier Cost. Supports one Light or Heavy Armour with +2 Attack.
Strategic Bomber     6      2        6      12           - 3-5 Raid Damage.
Air Transport     0      0        6      12           - Transports up to two Paratroopers. Provides +2 attack to up to two paratroopers.
Transport     0      0     2     6           - 5 Transport capacity. Cannot be selected as casualty.
Submarine     6      4        2      8           - Can sneak attack and submerge. See Submarines section for specific rules.
Destroyer     4      6     2     8           - Disables enemy sub specials.
Cruiser     6      7     2      10           - 6 Bombard.
Carrier     2      4     2      20           - Two hitpoints. Three Carrier Capacity.
Battleship     8      9     2     20           - Two hitpoints. 8 bombard.


NOTE: DISABLED AS OF NOW DUE TO NUMEROUS ERRORS. A specific Paratrooper unit and an associated AirTransport have been added. Each AirTransport can hold up to two Paratrooper units (no other unit types accepted). Paratroopers and AirTransports must start in the same region to paradrop during the turn.

During the combat-move phase, the AirTransport(s) can drop paratroopers into the first enemy region the transport comes into. Control-click to manually dictate flight path so as to not fly over undesired enemy locations. Note that each AirTransport provides a hidden +2 attack to up to two paratroopers (giving them a total of 4 attack, not counting any artillery) in the same region to discourage players from taking casualties to the transports instead of the paratroopers.

During the non-combat move phase, AirTransports can drop the Paratroopers to any friendly region within range, provided they have not already attacked. Note that you may NOT perform non-combat airdrops in the combat-move phase due to coding limitations. Also note that even as of 1.4 Unstable, AirTransports will sometimes be unable to move after a successful airdrop. The only remedy to this is to use Edit Mode to remove the transport manually and place it in a valid location.


Submarines obey the following rules; They "sneak" attack before all other units (even when defending) and may submerge at any time during combat (even before the first round of combat). Submarines may not be destroyed by air units nor may they destroy air units. Enemy Destroyers disable submerging and sneak attacks, and allow air units to target Submarines.

Victory Conditions

Until Surrender, or
Total Victory: 20 victory cities
Honorable Surrender: 18 victory cities
Projection of Power: 16 victory cities

(Note that Axis start with 10 VCs, whereas Allies start with 14)

Nations: Finland Soviet_Union Germany United_Kingdom Italy Minor_Axis China Australia Japan United_States Canada

Units: Light_Infantry Mechanized_Infantry Artillery Medium_Infantry Heavy_Infantry Light_Armour Heavy_Armour Fighter Naval_Fighter Tactical_Bomber Strategic_Bomber Transport Battleship Destroyer Cruiser Carrier Submarine Factory AAGun Bunker

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