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           == Big World : June 1942 (v3.50) ==

A scenario loosely based on the year 1942 of the global conflict of 1939-1945. In Europe, Germany has Leningrad besieged, stands at the gates of Moscow and the verge of defeat at Stalingrad (Dec 1942). In the Pacific, Japan has expanded explosively but faces the turning point at Midway (May 1942).

=== Capitols ===
The capitols of the world powers are as follows (in turn order):
Russia - Moscow
Germany - Eastern Germany
Britain - England
Italy - Italy
China - Western Sinkiang
Japan - Southern Japan
USA - Northeastern United States

=== National Objectives ===
+5 if no non-Soviet Allied units on Russian territories
+5 if Allied control 5 in 7 of: Novgorod, Western Russia, Southern Russia, Baltic States, Belorussia, Ukraine, Eastern Poland
+5 if Allies control 4 of: Norway, Finland, Western Poland, Hungary-Romania, Austria-Czechoslovakia, Balkans

+5 if Axis control all of: France, Western Germany, Eastern Germany, Western Poland, Austria-Czechoslovakia, Hungary-Romania
+5 if Axis control all of: Baltic States, Eastern Poland, Belorussia, Ukraine
+5 if Axis control Leningrad or Stalingrad

+5 if Allies control all of: Eastern Canada, Gibraltar, Egypt, Bombay, New South Wales, Southern Africa
+5 if Allies control 1 of: France, Vichy France, Balkans, Macedonia
+5 if Allies control 2 of: New Guinea, French Indo-China, Thai-Malay, Sumatra, Java, Iwo Jima, Northern Japan, Southern Japan, Okinawa

+5 if no Allied surface ships in Mediteranean and axis control all of: Italy, Sicily, Macedonia, Balkans, Morocco, Algeria, Libya
+5 if Axis control 4 of: Egypt, Syria, France, Vichy France, Gibraltar

+5 if Allies control all of: Western Sinkiang, Eastern Sinkiang, Kansu, Szechwan
+5 if Allies control all of: Northern Manchukuo, Chosen, Shantung, Kwangtung

+5 if Axis control all of: Northern Manchukuo, Chosen, Shantung, French Indo-China, Thai-Malay
+5 if Axis control 6 in 10 of: Kwangtung, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Celebes, North Philippines, South Philippines, New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Okinawa
+5 if Axis control 2 of: Hawaiian Islands, Midway Island, New South Wales, Queensland, Bombay, Calcutta

+5 if Allies control 5 territories of US main land (excluding Alaska).
+5 if Allies control France and Vichy France
+5 if Allies control all of: Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Sicily
+5 if Allies control North and South Philippines
+5 if Allies control 5 of 7 Islands: Hawaiian Islands, Midway Island, Wake, Solomon Islands, Marshall Islands, Guam, New Guinea

=== Unit definitions ===
AA50 Cost structure with slight modifications.
Unit Attack-Defence-Movement--trasport/carrier space--PU cost-notes
Infantry 1-2-1--2--3 artillery supportable
Marine 2-2-1--2--4 artillery supportable; +1 attack on amphibious assault
Artillery 2-2-1--3--4 is artillery
Halftrack 1-3-3--3--5 can blitz; carry infantry with mech. inf. tech
Armour 3-3-2--3--5 can blitz
Fighter 3-4-4--1--10
Bomber 4-1-6--/--14 Strategic Bombing
Transport 0-1-2--5--8 4th edition rules, can be taken as casualty
Submarine 2-2-2--/--8 in or later may submerge before battle
Destroyer 2-2-2--/--8 Destroyer
Cruiser 3-3-2--/--10 Can bombard
Carrier 1-2-2--2--14
Battleship 4-4-2--/--20 2 hits; Can bombard
aaGun 0-1-1--3--5
bunker 0-4-0--/--/ 2 hits, Cannot be built
Factory 0-0-0--/--15

Nations: Russians Germans British Japanese Americans Chinese Italians

Units: infantry artillery armour marine halftrack fighter bomber transport battleship carrier submarine factory aaGun destroyer cruiser bunker

Big World June 1942