new Unit Attachments, bombingMaxDieSides and bombingBonus. Can be used to set different values for strategic bombing and rocket attacks, separate from the rest of the game. (veqryn)

values: is a number added to the die rolled, to give the total cost
                                         [displayed as a new die rolled], for strategic bombing and rockets only. 
                                        this property is optional (default is zero) and is only used when
                     you have "Use Bombing Max Dice Sides And Bonus" turned on. 
                    this property is no longer affected by "Low Luck for Bombing and Territory Damage".
                     example: if you want a unit to throw a 12 sided die, then add 4 onto the result,
                    you would do: <option name="bombingMaxDieSides" value="12"/>
                     and <option name="bombingBonus" value="4"/>