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Britannia. Roman Invasion By WilfredOwen[]

for Triplea 1.2.x.x

Britannia 43 AD.

The Roman Emperor Claudius has sent Aulus Plautius, a distinguished senator, to conquer Britain. He has at his disposal 4 legions of about 20,000 men plus an additional 20,000 auxilia. They are the veteran legions: Legio II Augusta, Legio IX Hispana, Legio XIV Gemina and Legio XX Valeria Victrix. II Augusta is also known to be commanded by the future emperor Vespasian. The Romans are set to invade.
Meanwhile, the Britons are certainly not unified. In the north the Picts and the Caledonians are vying for dominance. In the south the Catuvellauni have displaced the Trinovantes as the most powerful kingdom in south-eastern Britain, taking over the former Trinovantian capital of Camulodunum.
The welsh remain quiet in the west.
The Brigantes are expanding their power in the centre of Briton conquering weaker neighbours.
Who will dominate and become lord of Britannia, the Romans with their superior training and discipline or one of the wild and warlike native tribes? Let conquest begin.

anglesey (Mona,Gangani)
pentland (Cornovii,Orcades)

UNITS and Rules:
Maximum of 4 forts can be built in any territory. May build 1 per round. Use edit to place fort in non-city territory.
Cities are permanent and can be captured.
Generals/Warlords can move and raise troops in the territory they occupy, if you owned that territory at the start of your turn. When purchased you may place the General/Warlord in any territory you owned at the start of your turn.

Unit List:
Infantry units have a transport cost of 2. All other units including Cavalry, Elephants, Ballistas and Onagers have a transport cost of 3.

attack/defense/movement/cost .... special
1/3/1/7 (buy 2) Archer auxilia . Gives support +1 attack
1/1/1/2 Light auxilia .
1/1/1/5 (Buy 2) Balaeric slingers. Gives support +1 attack
1/2/1/3 Auxilia . Supportable
2/3/1/4 Legionary cohort . Supportable
4/1/1/5 Ballista . Gives support +1 attack
5/3/1/7 Onager . Gives support +1 attack
1/1/2/3 Cavalry auxilia . Blitz
1/2/2/4 Horse archers . Blitz , Gives support +1 attack
3/3/2/5 Roman Cavalry . Blitz
4/4/2/6 Cataphractarii . Blitz
5/5/1/7 Elephants .
0/4/0/6 Forts . Two hit, Repairs
1/3/1/7 (Buys 2) Archers. Blitz, Gives support +1 attack
1/1/1/2 Skirmishers .
1/1/1/5 (Buys 2) Slingers . Gives support +1 attack
1/2/1/3 Warband . Supportable
3/2/1/4 Swordsmen . Supportable
1/1/2/3 Light Cavelry . Blitz
2/2/2/4 Cavalry . Blitz
4/4/2/6 Chariot . Blitz, Gives support +1 attack
0/1/1/6 Transport . TCapacity: 8
2/2/1/6 Bireme . TCapacity: 4
3/3/1/8 Trireme . TCapacity: 6
0/0/0/15 City.Can Produce Units, Can be Captured
4/4/2/20 General/Warlord. Can Produce Units on Territory you owned at start of turn, Can be Transported


You can certainly make agreements with other players but as there are no formal alliances players may not share territories without combat. To survive the Britons must make alliances either against the romans or with them, but they must also expand their borders and weaken their neighbours to have any hope of ruling Britannia.

The Romans start with no income. Claudius does not want to spend any more money. The Romans must capture territory quickly to gain income and rebuild. Remember this is a business venture for the Romans.

Units: archerauxilia lightauxilia balaericslingers auxilia legionarycohort ballista onager cavalryauxilia horsearchers romancavalry cataphractarii warelephants general chariot lightcavalry cavalry slingers skirmishers archers warband swordsmen warlord city fort transport bireme trireme

Nations: Roman Brythons Brigantes Picts Caledonians Welsh

Britannia Roman Invasion