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Cost 4


<!-- Bunker -->
   <attatchment name="unitAttatchment" attatchTo="bunker" javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.attatchments.UnitAttachment" type="unitType">
<option name="movement" value="0"/>
<option name="attack" value="0"/>
<option name="defense" value="4"/>
      <!-- canBeDamaged sets if a unit can be attacked by strategic bombing raids or by rockets. isFactory also allows these things -->
      <option name="canBeDamaged" value="true"/>
      <!-- maxDamage is the total damage the unit can take. If a factory, and canProduceXUnits =-1 or is missing then maxDamage will be a multiple of the territory value (maxDamage defaults to 2 if canProduceXUnits =[[-1), otherwise it will be a set number 
       So for example, if the unit isFactory Or canProduceUnits, And canProduceXUnits ]]=-1, And maxDamage =3, THEN you will be able to do 3x the territory value in damage to this unit. If However, canProduceXUnits =2, and maxDamage =3, then you can do up to 3 damage to this unit. -->
      <option name="maxDamage" value="4"/>
      <[[!-- maxOperationalDamage is used with certain features like isAirBase, repairsUnits, and givesMovement to determine if those features work or not based on the current damage of this unit. A disabled unit will not participate in combat too. Does Not work with isFactory or canProduceUnits. --]]>
      <option name="maxOperationalDamage" value="0"/>
      <!-- isConstruction allows the unit to be placed in territories that don't contain factories. only "constructionsPerTerrPerTypePerTurn" contructions of "constructionType" [[may be placed per territory per turn. 
       may have only "maxConstructionsPerTypePerTerr]]" [[constructions Total per territory with/without a factory unless you enable "More Constructions with/without Factory", which will allow up a total number of up to the territory value
       and "Unlimited Constructions]]" game property allows unlimited constructions total in a territory -->
      <option name="isConstruction" value="true"/>
      <[[!-- constructionType is just a unique string which identifies what kind of construction this. 
       if two or more constructions have the exact same constructionType (and the same PerType rules), then they will follow the same rules for placement.
       example: if you have little_bunker and big_bunker both as type "bunker", with constructionsPerTerrPerTypePerTurn]]=[[2, then you could place 2 littles, or 2 bigs, or 1 little and 1 big in a territory 
       if you do not want this unit to be effected by the global properties "More Constructions with/without Factory]]" and "Unlimited Constructions", then make sure the type ends in "structure". example: "harbour_structure" -->
      <option name="constructionType" value="bunker"/>
      <!-- constructionsPerTerrPerTypePerTurn is how many of this type you can place in a territory every turn -->
      <option name="constructionsPerTerrPerTypePerTurn" value="1"/>
      <[[!-- maxConstructionsPerTypePerTerr is how many max of this type may be in a territory. this must be greater than constructionsPerTerrPerTypePerTurn
       if "More Constructions with/without Factory]]" [[]]=[[true, then the minimum will be either maxConstructionsPerTypePerTerr or the PU value of the territory (whichever number is greater) in territories with/without factories
       if "Unlimited Constructions]]" [[]]=true, then this number becomes 10000 -->
      <option name="maxConstructionsPerTypePerTerr" value="1"/>
      <[[!--<option name="isTwoHit" value="true"/>--]]>
      <!-- canDieFromReachingMaxDamage means that if this unit reaches its maxDamage, then it will die. maxDamage must be larger than zero -->
      <option name="canDieFromReachingMaxDamage" value="true"/>
      <!-- requiresUnits is a list of units required to be present in the territory in order for you to build this unit there. Can have multiple instances. Only one instance needs to be true in order to build. -->
      <option name="requiresUnits" value="fighter:bomber:air_transport"/>
      <option name="requiresUnits" value="factory"/>
      <option name="requiresUnits" value="airfield"/>
      <option name="requiresUnits" value="harbour"/>
      <option name="requiresUnits" value="infantry"/>
      <option name="requiresUnits" value="artillery"/>
      <option name="requiresUnits" value="armour"/>
      <option name="requiresUnits" value="aaGun"/>