COS Gamers - house rules for World at War


There is no limit to the number of stacks of a certain unit.


Paratroopers attack on a 2 and defend on a 2 regardless of whether they are being used in normal land combat (i.e., as "infantry" or in a paradrop. Paratroopers defending the Island of Japan or Britain defend on a 3 like infantry.

No more than four paratroops per Major Power may exist on the map board at any one time.


An Allied unit may reside in a vacant Russian controlled area as long as Russia is no longer neutral and is at war with the Axis.

While neutral, Russian naval units may pass through or occupy a seazone controlled by either an Axis or Allied Major Power without provoking conflict. Once in the war, Russian naval units are not allowed to end their movement in an Allied controlled seazone and vica versa. If a Russian naval unit/force happens to coexist with an Allied unit/force at the start of a game-turn in which the Russians were attacked by Germany or Japan, both the Russian and the Allied naval units would defend as a single force. On the next Russian for Allied players turn, the seazone must be vacated so that only one Major Power remains in control of the seazone.

We have totally abandoned the rules regarding multinational forces and combat where the defender gets to choose which attacking nation takes losses first. We do not understand the logic behind this rule and, if anything, the attacker should decide which of the defending nations takes losses first.


Each Major Power's game-turn is composed of the following phases:

1 Political (Perform LendLease, ALLIED Declarations of War and neutral country die roll Influencing) 2 Purchase Builds 3 Combat Movement (and AXIS Declarations of War) 4 Non-Combat Movement (includes: rail movement and the returning of air combat units to a friendly territory) 5 Build Placement 6 Calculate and Receive IPCs


All LendLease transactions are ONLY conducted during the "POLITICAL" phase of the applicable Major Power. Even if the US is at war, it may continue to perform LendLease aid. The LendLease IPCs given to the French and Minor Allies from Britain may be used on the same turn it is given.


Strategic movement takes place during the non-combat portion of the turn. All of Russia is considered as part of the Asian continent for rail purposes. Territories east of Russia are considered "Europe". Asia Minor (Turkey) is of course, considered part of the Asian continent.


All influence die rolls are ONLY conducted during the "POLITICAL" phase of the applicable Major Power. When adding up the IPC total for Germany to see if Spain or Turkey joins the Axis the fee IPCs that Germany receives from Russia and Sweden do NOT count in the total.


All Economic Aid die rolls are ONLY conducted during the "POLITICAL" phase of the US players game-turn.


The German player may only build one U-boat pen per game-turn.

Subs in a pen can NOT be attacked by any enemy NAVAL unit at all. Only by an air attack can they be damaged. Conversely, subs must exit the pen to attack. IF they are in their pens and other friendly units in the adjacent sea zones are attacked they can NOT join the defense of the seazone until the second round of combat. If a province is captured that contains a sub pen then the pen is automatically destroyed and the subs are put out to sea. Sub pens have not effect on land attacks or fly-overs in that province since they are localized protective harbor facilities. In other words, they only come into play if they are directly attacked by air units - they defend subs, not sea or land zones.


Japan can only use its double impulse move / sneak attack on the game-turn when it first attacks the Allied Powers. The current rules allow for the "sneak" attack to be used at any time during the game for Japan. Germany's double impulse must occur on game-turn 1.


Kamikaze attacks may occur alone or in combination with a "normal" attack. In the latter case, the kamikaze attack is resolved first before any rounds of combat commence. Kamikaze attacks may only be made against naval units.

NOTE: In the Xeno rules clarification is stated that "an industrial complex can be kamikaze" (thrasher).


If a Major Power attacks Mongolia and is repulsed, then Mongolia is considered under Chinese control. The Chinese player receives the Mongolian IPCs and Chinese builds may be placed there.


If the Russians are the first to attack a major power then the "purge" does NOT apply.


If the Russian capital falls into Axis hands a new Capital is designated and the factory is moved (i.e., is NOT captured).