CTF2 Colors

       CTF2 Colors

Map Name: CTF2 Number Of Players: 4 Location: jar:file:/C:/Users/Judy/triplea/maps/!/games/CTF2%20Colors.xml Version: 1.0

Overview Colors is the basic and simplest CTF2 scenario. All players have the same unit selection and play as fictional colorized combatants instead of real-world countries. Play order starts with Red (Top left) and continues clockwise. Players later in the turn order have more starting IPCs as compensation (+50 for each successive player).

Unit List: All units roll at a D12.

Unit (Cost) Attack/Defense/Movement...Specials Infantry (20) 2/3/1
Mechanized Infantry (30) 3/4/2...Can Blitz.
Artillery (30) 4/3/1...Supports 2 Infantry or Mechanized Infantry with +1 Attack.
Tank (50) 8/6/2...Can Blitz.
Fighter (100) 8/9/4
Bomber (120) 10/3/6

Credits: CTF2 is a modification of Capture the Flag.
CTF2 created by: Kalar
Original Capture The Flag map created by: Puff the Magic Dragon
Unit art by: Various and edited by Kalar