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Download Overview Future Warfare is a CTF2 scenario that focuses heavily on air combat. This scenario is not recommended for inexperienced players and does not play well with AI as they do not anticipate human player troop landings from transports and are unable to use transports themselves. They also do not purchase Defense Turrets under any circumstances, making player-controlled transport drops even more effective. This scenario is a free-for-all and all players have the same unit list. Play order starts with the Forelian_Republic (Top left) and continues clockwise. Players later in the turn order have more starting PUs as compensation (+30 for each successive player).

Unit List: All units roll at a D12.

Unit (Cost) Attack/Defense/Movement...Specials Biological Infantry (25) 2/3/1
Robotic Infantry (35) 5/5/1
Assault Mech (80) 8/6/1...Has two Hit-Points.
Interceptor (45) 6/5/4...Air Unit.
Transport (50) 0/0/6...Air Unit, transports 6 Bio Infantry, 4 Robo Infantry or 2 Mechs.
Destroyer (70) 9/8/6...Air Unit
Battlecruiser (120) 11/10/6...Air Unit, has two Hit-Points.
Defense Turret (30) 0/6/0...Can be placed anywhere, 2 per territory per turn. Each defense turret in a territory fires once at air units flying over or attacking its space at a 6. These AA rolls* occur before regular combat rolls and the number of rolls is independent of the number of air units entering the space, being limited only by the number of Defense Turrets. Also fires at 6 during combat like a regular unit, and can be taken as a casualty as normal.

  • Casualties from AA Rolls are selected by the attacker as with normal casualties, but will kill even the two hit-point battlecruisers with one shot. Be sure to escort your Battlecruisers with cheaper air units and utilize their damage absorption for the main combat!

Important Note on Transports: Transports can only drop off troops into enemy territory during the combat phase, and likewise can only drop off troops into friendly territory during the noncombat phase. Do not load too many transports at once as this will cause the game to lag tremendously. Try to load a maximum of 5 transports at a time. The game may also not optimize transport space if you do not load them individually. Remember that each transport can load 6 Bio Infantry, 4 Robo Infantry or 2 Mechs.

Credits: CTF2 is a modification of Capture the Flag.
CTF2 created by: Kalar
Original Capture The Flag map created by: Puff the Magic Dragon
Unit art from 2650 AD (?) and edited by Kalar

Units: Biological_Infantry Robotic_Infantry Assault_Mech Interceptor Destroyer Battlecruiser Transport Defense_Turret Spaceport

Nations: Forelian_Republic Corpius_Federation Alderus_Confederacy Razlani_Dominion

CTF2 Future Warfare