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Download Overview Good Versus Evil is a CTF2 scenario designed for team play, as the players diagonally across from eachother are on the same team. Both teams have an entirely unique unit list. All units roll at a D12.

Good Unit List Unit (Cost) Attack/Defense/Movement...Specials Pikeman (30) 2/4/1...Is supportable.
Archer (40) 3/5/1...Provides +1 Attack and Defense to up to two Pikemen or Swordsmen.
Light_Cavalry (45) 5/4/2...Can Blitz.
Swordsman (50) 7/7/1...Is supportable.
Knight (60) 7/7/2...Can Blitz.
Dwarf (90) 6/8/1...Has Two Hit-Points.

Evil Unit List Unit (Cost) Attack/Defense/Movement...Specials Goblin (25) 3/1/1
Orc (35) 4/4/1
Half-Ogre (50) 6/8/1
Dread Knight (60) 8/6/2...Can Blitz.
Troll (100) 8/8/1...Has Two Hit-Points.
Dragon (110) 7/7/5...Flyer.

Credits: CTF2 is a modification of Capture the Flag.
CTF2 created by: Kalar
Original Capture The Flag map created by: Puff the Magic Dragon
Unit Art by: (Unknown?) and edited by Kalar

Units: Pikeman Swordsman Archer Light_Cavalry Knight Dwarf Goblin Orc Half-Ogre Dread_Knight Troll Dragon City

Nations: Lightbringer_Order Deathgorge_Clan Deepwood_Rangers Bloodletter_Tribe

CTF Good Versus Evil