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Overview Medieval is a CTF2 scenario that focuses heavily on ground pushes. All players have the same unit selection and play as fictional teutonic orders. Play order starts with the Knight Templars (Top left) and continues clockwise. Players later in the turn order have stronger starting units as compensation (+30 Total Unit Value for each successive player).

Unit List: All units roll at a D10.

Unit (Cost) Attack/Defense/Movement...Specials Peasants (15) 1/1/1
Spearmen (25) 2/4/2...Is supportable.
Archers (30) 2/4/1...Supports 2 Spearmen or Swordsmen with +1 Defense.
Cavalry (30) 3/3/2...Can Blitz.
Swordsmen (40) 6/6/1...Is supportable.
Crossbowmen (40) 6/4/1...Supports 2 Spearmen or Swordsmen with +1 Attack.
Knights (50) 6/6/2...Can Blitz.

Credits: CTF2 is a modification of Capture the Flag.
CTF2 created by: Kalar
Original Capture The Flag map created by: Puff the Magic Dragon
Unit Art from the Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth map (by flangany), and edited by Kalar.

Units: Peasants Spearmen Swordsmen Archers Crossbowmen Cavalry Knights City

Nations: Knight_Templars Scarlet_Hand Royal_Guardians Greenleaf_Rangers

CTF2 Medieval
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