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On 29 November 1947 the United Nations General Assembly approved a plan to resolve the Arab-Jewish conflict by partitioning Palestine into two states, one Jewish and one Arab. After the Arab rejection of this plan, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria invaded the territory of the former British Mandate of Palestine. The war concluded with the 1949 Armistice Agreements, but it did not mark the end of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Three more wars would follow.

This scanario is part of the Camp David map. The Camp David map consists of the four Arab - Israeli wars:

  • 1948 Arab-Israeli War
  • 1956 Suez Crisis
  • 1967 Six-Day War
  • 1973 Yom Kippur War

Map designed and created by Basile Lemaire. Many thanks to all the people on the tripleadev forum for helping me out!

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Some notes on this scenario:

  • Israel is divided in 3 commands, based on Israel's military structure.
  • US aid to Israel is represented by 3 convoy zones, protected by a US (actually: neutral) fleet.
  • Some Jordan territories are neutral. This represents the prevention of a third front by both Israel and Jordan.
  • Israel's logistic superiority over its Arab counterparts is represented by technological advantages to Israel.
  • Suggested strategy for the Israel: have Northern Command focus on Syria, Iraq and Jordan. Have Southern Command focus on combatting Egypt. Then, commit Central Command either to the northern or to the southern front.
  • Known bug #1: sometimes it's possible to blitz through occupied territory. This bug appears to be TripleA engine related (v1.2.5.4). Hopefully this will be fixed in a future engine update.
  • Known bug #2: strong AI (Moore N. Able) mostly buys fighters in stead of ground units. This bug appears to be TripleA engine related (v1.2.5.4). If the Arabs are kplayed by the AI, select the weak AI (E.Z. Fodder).

Israeli Arabs
Northern Command Syria
Central Command Iraq
Southern Command Jordan

{| bgcolor="ABABAB" border="1" ! bgcolor="DADADA" colspan="6"|Land Units |- !Unit name !att !def !mov !PUs !special abilities |- bgcolor="BDBDBD" |Infantry |1 |2 |1 |3 |attack +1 with artillery, Israeli: is mechanized |- |Artillery |2 |2 |1 |4 |gives support to 1 Arab or 2 Israeli infantry |- bgcolor="BDBDBD" |APC |2 |2 |2 |4 |can Blitz |- |Armour |3 |3 |2 |5 |can blitz |- bgcolor="BDBDBD" |AAGun |0 |1 |1 |6 |Israeli: has radar |- |Factory |0 |0 |0 |15 | |}
{| bgcolor="ABABAB" border="1" ! bgcolor="DADADA" colspan="6"|Air Units |- !Unit name !att !def !mov !PUs !special abilities |- bgcolor="BDBDBD" |Fighter |3 |4 |4 |10 |Israeli: attack +1 |- |Fighter-Bomber |4 |1 |6 |10 |available to Israeli only, has strategic bombing, supports paratroopers |}
{| bgcolor="ABABAB" border="1" ! bgcolor="DADADA" colspan="6"|Naval Units |- !Unit name !att !def !mov !PUs !special abilities |- bgcolor="BDBDBD" |Destroyer |3 |3 |2 |8 |can bombard |- |Transport |0 |0 |2 |7 |transports 1 land unit + 1 infantry |}

Version history:

  • 0.6.1: first public release on the EB Depot.
  • 0.6.2: minor bug fixes.

Thanks Veqryn, RogerCooper, Alitrader, Sieg, Pyngo, Trouble1, WhiteElk, ComradeKev for your help and feedback!

Camp David-1973