-- You may have multiple canalAttatchment's per territory, so long as they have different names that start with "canalAttatchment".

Each "canal" must consist of 2 attachments attached to the connected sea (or land) zones.

The following options are allowed for "canalAttatchmentXXX" (all canal attachments need identical attachments attached to the 2 sea zones involved). 

canalName values: any string name for the canal. must match its counterpart attachment.

landTerritories values: a colon (":") delimited list of the territories that make up this canal. must match its counterpart attachment. Can be any number of territories, but at least 1 territory.

excludedUnits values: an optional list of all the units that will NOT be validated by the canal. If left blank, then all Air units will not be validated. Can also be set to "NONE" or "ALL".

example: <option name="excludedUnits" value="submarine:fighter:bomber:air_transport"/>


<attatchment name="canalAttatchmentSuez" attatchTo="15 Sea Zone" javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.attatchments.CanalAttachment" type="territory">

<option name="canalName" value="Suez Canal"/>

<option name="landTerritories" value="Anglo Egypt:Trans-Jordan"/>