-- You may have multiple canalAttatchment's per territory, so long as they have different names that start with "canalAttatchment".

Each "canal" must consist of 2 attachments attached to the connected sea (or land) zones. -->

-- The following options are allowed for "canalAttatchmentXXX" (all canal attachments need identical attachments attached to the 2 sea zones involved). 

canalName values: any string name for the canal. must match its counterpart attachment.

 <attatchment name="canalAttatchmentSuez" attatchTo="15 Sea Zone" javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.attatchments.CanalAttachment" type="territory">

  <option name="canalName" value="Suez Canal"/>

  <option name="landTerritories" value="Anglo Egypt:Trans-Jordan"/>