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By Pulicat

In the deep, dark woods, a trade route is under threat from armed brigands. Can the town merchants get their goods through the forest paths safely?

-The Caravans produces 1 caravan cart a turn at the town center and must bring them to the Victory City.
-The Escorts places an initial bid (default 100 PU) on the town and does not produce any more units. Their job is to protect the Caravans from the Raiders.
-The Raiders recieves a fixed income of 10 PU a turn and builds units on the left and right edges of the map, where there are Raider bases. Each Raider base may build only 1 unit per turn. The job of the Raiders is to interdict the merchant convoy by attacking the Escorts and Caravans.
-The Escorts/Caravans win if 10 Caravans get across to Victory City. The Raiders win if they can prevent the 10th Caravan from getting through, usually by killing all the Escorts before then.
The Raiders may not enter the town, and only the Caravans may enter Victory City.
Some hexes have either bushes or forests. Escorts cannot penetrate into the deep forests, but they can cut a path through the bushes. Note that bushes are actually immobile Raider units, so any Raiders hidden in the bushes gain 2 extra hitpoints when attacked.
-The Raiders may move freely though the bushes and forests.

Infantry -- 1/2/2 Supportable
Artillery -- 2/2/2/ Gives Support
Cavalry -- 1/1/3 Supportable
Elite Infantry 2/2/2 Supportable
Elite Cavalry 2/2/3 Supportable
Militia 1/1/1
Bushes 0/0/0 Two-hit
Caravan 6/0/2 (Not supposed to attack anyone, but mutually annihlates with the Markers on the Victory City. The 10th Caravan to the Victory City takes it.)
Marker 0/6/0 (see above)

Nations: Caravans Escorts Raiders

Units: elite_infantry cavalry elite_cavalry infantry militia artillery caravan marker land land_hit bushes forest base base_hit town1 town2 town3