Caribbean Trade War


Europe was ravaged by war in the 1700s. But, the Caribbean was an even more troubled place. The kings of Europe used their West India trading companies, navies and armies to battle over territory, resourses and trade opportunities. Sometimes alliances were formed among the nations to secure dominance. Besides hostile nations, there were also harassing AI-Pirates and savage AI-Indians to battle. Only time would tell who would eventually win the Caribbean Trade War.

Win Conditions:

Economic Victory is achieved by an alliance controlling 220 PUs. Total Victory is achieved by an alliance controlling 17 of the 20 Victory Points (10 towns and 10 convoy zones).

Convoy Zones:

There are 10 convoy zones and they are all Victory Points. Most are worth 3 PUs, but the Danish and Swedish are worth 6 each. Only the original owners can get PU income from their own convoy zones.

Help from Europe:

The nations can expect assistance from their home countries during the first 12 rounds. This assistance can come in the form of fleets, gold and occasionally soldiers. The Danes and Swedes can expect a high degree of military assistance if their main Islands are taken over by enemy forces during the first 12 rounds.

Unit Information:

Units do not need to be placed in the same round as they are bought.

2-hit battleship damage is repaired at the beginning of rounds.

Marines get +1 attack bonus when attacking amphibiously.

All infantry units get +1 attack bonus when attacking alongside artillery units.

Indian Scouts give +1 attack bonus to 3 land units.

Generals and Admirals give +1 attack and defense bonus to 10 allied land or sea units.

General, Indian Scout, Artillery and Marine bonuses can stack together.

Two officers of the same type can work together and support 20 units.

There can only be one Outpost and one Fortress in every territory.

Outposts and Fortresses give +1 and +2 defense bonus to 5 and 10 allied land units.

Outpost and Fortress bonuses do not stack together. Instead, they support 15 units total.

General and Fortification bonuses can stack together.

Cavalry, Horse Artillery and Generals can blitz.

Indians destroy Outposts and Towns upon capture.

Indians cannot destroy or use Fortresses.

Indian Villages are destroyed upon capture.

Sloops and Canoes can sneak attack.

Corvettes, Frigates and Battleships can protect against sneak attacks.

Pirate Captains give +1 attack and defense bonus to 5 pirate sea units.

Game Settings:

Music can be turned off by disabling Game - Sound Options - Start of Your Turn Control.

This map works best with the setting View - Show Map Blends - Off.

5% AI Bonus Income is recommended for 1 Human and 2 AI vs. 3 AI. (Default Setting)

10% AI Bonus Income is recommended for 2 Human and 1 AI vs. 3 AI.

15% AI Bonus Income is recommended for 3 Human vs. 3 AI.


Version 1.0 to 1.1 (By Frostion)

Changed player name Pirates to AI-Pirates.

Changed player name Indians to AI-Indians.

Normalized the volume of all sound effects.

Enhanced the black shadow of units.

Brought order to purchase window unit listing.

Combat and non-combat is now before purchase.

Nation starting PUs raised from 1 to 25.

Default AI Bonus Income Percentage set to 5.

Changed some Pirate and Indian rules.

Replaced outdated codes in the XML.

Credits: Thanks to the mapmakers of: Napoleonic Empires, Pact of Steel 2 and Star Wars Clone Wars. They contributed with many good ideas.

Thanks to the PC Games: Sid Meier's AI-Pirates, Age of Empires III, Cossacks II and American Conquest Fight Back. Graphics, music and sounds are used from these games.

Thanks to the cartographer Herman Moll (1654-1732) and his remarkable map of the West Indies.

Thanks to Tanis, Soth, Cernel, Redrum and Zim Xero for beta testing and development assistance.

TripleA map by: Frostion

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