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Central Powers - GreyLord House Rules (Sean Shaw)
"As I said, these are probably not balanced, it has NOT had extensive playtesting, but I feel it will at least give it a tad more flavor of WWI rather than just being a recreation of WWII with WWI pieces."
—Sean Shaw (GreyLord)

Central Powers: GreyLord House Rules is a variant of the Table Tactics game, Central Powers.

The Central Powers A&A variant doesn't really do much to replicate WWI, all it does is add some pieces that look like WWI pieces, and add them to the board.

THIS HAS NOT BEEN BALANCED in the least. All it does is add some more flavor. As such, it is a work in progress that anyone is allowed to add it with changes.


  • First off, Germany and the USSR start off at war with each other. NO OTHER country can declare war on Germany until Germany itself either attacks them, OR 3 turns have passed, OR Germany takes Moscow.
  • Next off, Germany does NOT have Western Europe OR Southern Europe OR the Ukraine S.S.R., nor the Industrial Complexes within (so that's -15 IPC's per round).
  • Germany also does not Posses Algeria or Libya. Instead it owns Persia Syria/Iraq, and Egypt (officially British, but it's under German onslaught. In addition, they also posses Turkey and Saudi Arabia, each which is worth 3 IPC's a piece. Turkey and Saudi Arabia are NOT neutral and are part of the Central Powers. Germany's IPC's therefore are set at 25 IPC's, BUT they also get a starting bonus and start with the possession of 50 IPC's from the start.
  • If Germany Takes Moscow, they get all the IPC's as per the normal rules of getting a nations IPCs, but at that point they must withdraw to Germany only, with the newly formed USSR paying them a debt equal to however many IPC's Germany had taken from them to a maximum of 20 IPC's per round. These IPC's are given to Germany each round from the bank, and the USSR/Russia is officially OUT OF THE GAME.
  • Germany MAY make a first strike attack at the UK/Allies, or at the US. If they do so that nation enters the War immediately, THAT turn (instead of the next for the US if they took Moscow, or two turns after that for an attack on the Allies). If Germany attacks the two US transports shipping equipment to the Allies in Europe, the US also enters the war THAT very same turn.
  • No Aircraft Carriers and No Anti-Aircraft guns.
  • If using R&D and get Super Destroyers, you can substitute having Air craft Carriers instead.
  • If you get Plane Launch Torpedoes can get Anti-Aircraft Guns instead if you so wish (not that AA is really needed against such weak aircraft in the first place...BUT if you so desire it....)
  • During setup, with the UK, obviously where the Germans have gained nations/troops, you do not place the UK units (meaning none in Egypt or Syria/Iraq etc.). This would mean there's ONE unit (basically) in Africa.



  • Germany: 7 Infantry, 1 Mark II tank, 4 Machine Guns, 2 Artillery, 1 Plane, 1 Transport, 1 Submarine
  • Eastern Europe: 5 Infantry, 2 Artillery, 3 Machine Guns, 1 Plane, 1 Industrial Complex, 1 Transport, 1 Battleship
  • Turkey: 2 Infantry, 1 Industrial Complex
  • Persia: 1 Artillery
  • Syria/Iraq: 1 machine gun
  • Egypt: 2 Infantry
  • Saudi Arabia: 1 Machine Gun

Germany also has Submarines off the cost of Spain and Rio De Oro.


Russia has the Ukraine SSR and starts with it's IPC marker at 30 IPC's...HOWEVER, it is also starts off with 0 (that's ZERO) IPC's in the bank, so nothing in hand at the very first round.

Ukraine S.S.R. is empty, setup is normal for Russia as per Central Powers.

United Kingdom[]

The UK represents the overall Allies, and additionally has Western and Southern Europe (representing Italy and France). It gains NO IPC's from it's overseas units until it's at WAR. Hence it starts with an IPC at 20, this will shoot up to 42 (+22) if it had all it's overseas IPC's added. +22 IPC's is added (minus any IPC's it lost if Germany originally attacks) when it goes to war with Germany.

Otherwise the setup is the same for the UK with the following differences.

It has an Industrial Complex in Southern Europe with two transports.

It also has an Industrial Complex in Western Europe.

United States[]

The US is setup as normal. It may NOT enter the war until either two turns AFTER the UK/Allies enter the war with Germany, OR 1 turn AFTER Germany takes Moscow (whichever is soonest). It may also immediately enter the war if any of their equipment is attacked.

Before entering the War US can also use 2 transports total as equipment carriers. These ships must start at the US, then travel to the UK or Western Europe, on the turn they arrive at the UK, the UK may pick to get either a machine gun or Artillery piece per transport (UK's choice). These transports must then go back to the US. They may then start the process all over again with those two transports.


Japan is also part of the Allies. They may NOT aid Russia, but may attack Germany and aid allies in any other way that they desire.

Winning conditions[]

  • To win, the Central Powers must control Moscow, Western Europe, and the United Kingdom.
  • For the Allies to win, they need to control Germany, Eastern Europe and Turkey.
  • IPC victories are possible.