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Axis and Allies - The Original Game China Syndrome

- by Ris Dnalor -


A fictional "what if" scenario. The difference is that China and Sinkiang are part of the Japanese Empire. Seems small, but it makes the game very interesting.

This scenario was designed for the Axis and Allies CD-ROM. The following CD-ROM rules are in effect:

Subs may submerge

Naval Occupation: you are allowed to build naval units in a seazone that is occupied by enemy naval units

Aerial Retreat: air units may retreat during a amphibious assault

2 Hit Battleships


  • Cash at start IPC-level at start
  • USSR 24 24
  • Germany 32 32
  • United Kingdom 30 30
  • Japan 25 29
  • United States 36 32

Initial Setup

All countries start with the same units and areas they control in the original setup. China and Sinkiang, however, are controlled by Japan.

China: 2 Japanese infantry and 1 Japanese fighter

Sinkiang: 2 Japanese infantry

Victory Conditions

Total victory (for both Axis and Allies).