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This variant for AA50-41 converts China into a standard nation. They can build units as normal, and move into any territory as normal. While this makes them a considerably stronger threat against Japan, they also have a valuable capital and IC that can be captured

Territory Changes: Ningxia is now worth 2 IPCs. Sikang is now worth 4 IPCs and is now the capital of China. It counts as a victory city.

Troop Changes: Sikang now has 3 Infantry, 1 Fighter, 1 AA, and 1 IC. Ningxia now has 1 Infantry and 1 Artillery. All other Chinese territories now have 1 Infantry.

Chinese National Objectives: Burma Road(3 IPCs): Allied control of Yunnan, Burma, and India. Fading Sun(5 IPCs): Allied control of Manchuria, Kiangsu, and Kwantung.